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Hospital Bag Essentials You Most Likely Didn’t Think Of

Listen, I’m trying to win dad of the year and since my wife is a little busy creating life, I figured the least I could do is take charge of the hospital bag.

And, let me tell you, my bag game is strong.

Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag can be a little overwhelming. We all know about the essentials like packing clothes for your baby to come home in and the car seat but there are a few little things that expecting parents tend to overlook. 

That’s why I asked every mom I knew what the one thing they wish they would have brought to the hospital was and created this list around that.

Not only can these items make your stay easier but they will also personalize your experience and give you those Instagram-worthy birth announcement shots we all crave. 

Bassinet Sheets

Okay so apparently the hospital does provide you with bassinet sheets but they aren’t very photogenic. 

Kushies Baby is a Canadian brand that has some epic bassinet sheets. Not only are they super trendy, but the quality is top-notch. But if I’m being honest, the price is what I love most.  

This is a little extra touch that goes a long way and it is something you will not regret bringing. 

“I’m Here” Sign

Be the Pinterest parent you aspire to be from the minute your little one is born.

If you know the name, you can even surprise your partner with a personalized sign, which I know earned me some brownie points with the wifey. 


Giving birth is a trip, and is understandably very draining. 

I know I wanted my wife to feel as good as possible after having our daughter which is why I surprised her with a super glamorous yet ultra-comfortable robe

The Canadian brand Anna Capri makes robes that are worth the splurge. 

Trust me, if you do this, every nurse will praise you but most of all your partner will feel well taken care of. 


Leaving the house without a phone never seems to be the issue, but leaving without a charger is not the best start to your parenting journey. 

From your iPad and laptop charger to your cell phone charger, trust me when I tell you- you are not going to want to forget them!  

It can take a long time for anything to get started so download some shows and movies or bring a book just in case! 

Peri Bottle

Ok so here is the part where things get really interesting. I can explain the purpose of a peri bottle but trust me when I tell you, it is necessary. 

Some hospitals will provide one, however I’ve been told that none of them compare to the upside-down peri bottle from Frida

I can’t speak from experience on this one but I am told it is essential. 

Adult Diapers

Birth is a beautiful thing, but it can also be a little messy. When my wife mentioned adult diapers, I didn’t ask questions, I just did as I was told and you should too. 

Breast Feeding Pillow

I want to start by saying that breastfeeding is apparently not for everyone. 

If you are going down the breastfeeding road, it is a great idea to bring a nursing pillow with you to the hospital. This is another little surprise I got for my wife and love the one from Boppy!

This will not only provide you and your baby with comfort but it can also help your baby latch and relieve some stress off of mama. 


Did you know that not every woman gets milk? 

This is something I learned during my extensive hospital bag research and I am so happy I am now educated on the topic. 

Some women put a lot of pressure when it comes to breastfeeding but the most common advice I am receiving is that “fed is best”, which is why packing some emergency formula doesn’t hurt. 

You got this! Once you’ve mastered the art of the hospital bag, head over to this article to find more products that are the perfect companion to continuing your date nights with your newest family addition!

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