Hot-tubbing Over Clubbin’: 5 of BC’s Best Natural Hot Springs

If you’ve never been in a BC natural hot spring, you’ve got to pack your car and hit the road ASAP.
harrison hot springs

If you’ve never been in a BC natural hot spring, you’ve got to pack your car and hit the road ASAP. BC is home to some of the most beautiful wonders of the world and none is better than the skin-softening, muscle-relaxing, mineral rich natural hot water that pours from mama Earth. There is nothing more romantic than watching the mists rise off the waters as you sink your aching body into a warm, sulphur-rich pool of goodness.

The drive through the mountains to get there might even warrant holding hands over the gear shift, it’s that spectacular. Most of these hot springs have accommodations built around them so you won’t have to worry about getting a place to sleep, but you’ll definitely want to make reservations before-hand. Nothing kills the mood faster than having to sleep in the car on the side of the highway, haha. Check out our recommendations for 5 of BC’s best natural hot springs.

Harrison Hot Springs is soothing and romantic and enjoyed by the guests of the Harrison Resort
Harrison Hot Springs

1. Harrison Hot Springs

You’ll need to be staying at the resort to access these hot springs but once you’re in you’ll have unlimited access to the 5 natural hot spring pools. The pools all vary in temperatures so you can pool hop until you find the one that’s just right for your body. Mmmm Mmmm relaxing. The village of Harrison Hot Springs is built around the pools themselves with the added bonus of the indoor Harrison Hot Springs public pool. The public pool is fed by natural springs and is a mineral-rich comfortable 38 degrees Celsius. While you’re in Harrison, book a spa treatment for you and your beau and live the life of ultimate R & R. More info at

Liard River Hot Springs is a beautifully relaxing natural hot spot (literally)
Liard River Hot Springs

2. Liard River Hot Springs

We are doubling up on Liard from our guide to camgrounds but it’s worth a second mention.  If you love hot springs this is worth the very, very long drive. Surrounded by lush boreal forest that is a bit reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia, this is Canada’s second largest hot spring. Ease into the relaxing hot waters and imagine that you are in a fairy forest. It’s pretty darn romantic. The Alpha pool is open to the public and ranges from 47 to 52 degrees Celsius. If you’re looking for a romantic, magical, relaxing, super-Canadian getaway, this is your call. Learn more here!

Ainsworth Hot Springs is one of bc's best natural hot springs and the perfect road trip stop to watch the sunset
Ainsworth Hot Springs

3. Ainsworth

Located a short 20-minute drive outside of Nelson, BC, Ainsworth hot springs resort definitely has some of that retro charm you’d expect from a vibey hippy town. The resort itself has full amenities for guests but people who are staying in Nelson can access the pools with a day pass, as well. The resort has cool hot water stalagmite caves and a freezing cold pool to keep that water pumping. The main pool is family friendly and the resort itself is very easy going. The proximity to Nelson means you get access to all the funk, while still being able to get away and relax in the warm mineral waters of the Kootenays. For more tips on what to do in Nelson, check our article here. To book Ainsworth, check their website for more info!

Radium is incredibly beautiful and romantic and has one of bc's best natural hot springs
Radium Hot Springs

4. Radium

The town of Radium Hot Springs is a tourist destination in and of itself offering multiple pools ranging from 37 to 40 degrees Celsius. The hot springs themselves are family friendly and the town has plenty of food, activities, and lodging.  The Kootenays are some of Canada’s most beautiful mountain ranges and serve as the perfect backdrop to the warm mineral waters. The destination is easily accessed from Banff if you’re looking for a double whammy of Canadiana but is a wonderful vacation just by itself, as well. Book here.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is a great option for one of BC's best natural hot springs
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

5. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort      

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is a resort community in South-Eastern British Columbia. Family friendly with room for RVs, this resort community is a cute little visit for a family getaway or if you’re looking for something a little more rustic. Radium hot springs has more restaurants and a bit more of vibe in town, but the Fairmont Hot Springs is the perfect destination if you really want to get away, unwind, and focus on the romance of relaxation. Find more info here!

Honestly, this list is by no means exhaustive. These are just 5 of BC’s best natural hot springs, according to us. We have made it a priority to get to more and report back so stay-tuned as we travel around finding the best new date spots for BC.

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