How To Be a Calgary Tourist – When You Live Here

Now that there isn't really anywhere else to go, let's all make the most of everything that Cow Town has to offer.
Woman in Calgary

A Calgary Tourist is something I never really thought I would describe myself as, but now that there isn’t really anywhere else to go, let’s all make the most of it and explore what Cow Town has to offer.

Sometimes, day-to-day life gets the best of us. We work, we cook, we eat, we clean, try to exercise, and then wake up and do it all again. Day in and day out, we have many obligations and responsibilities that often keep us from filling our days with the things we enjoy. So, long ago, we invented vacation — a week or two at a time where you venture somewhere new, try new foods, jump out of your comfort zone and explore. Then, crushing all of our vacation dreams, along came COVID and unfortunately all of our travel plans were postponed, and then inevitably cancelled. 

But, a couple things I know to be true;
  1. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. From the golden fields of the prairies, to the epic views of the rocky mountains, we truly live in a geographic paradise that we are lucky to call our own backyard. 
  2. We can often take this for granted. For holidays and vacations, instead of venturing locally, we book flights across the world to take in the experience of a new culture and a fresh perspective. 
A beautiful view of the Calgary tower - a view that many Calgary tourists come for.

Calgary is a vibrant city, with a vast melting pot of cultures, a never-ending expansion of exciting food and drink experiences, and endless opportunities for metropolitan and natural adventurers alike. 

Although we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and some of us are slowly making travel plans for the distant future, we want to highlight the importance of truly appreciating and expanding our local experiences and memories, and find ways to not take our beautiful home for granted.

Think outside of the box.

If you were on vacation somewhere new, what would be the things you would do and plan? If there were special activities and landmarks that you could only do and see in the area you were visiting, chances are you would make plans for this as soon as you arrived, or even prior!

A Calgary tourist taking a photo of the buildings downtown

Ask yourself these questions:

What are things you haven’t done that other Calgarians and out-of-town visitors alway seem to rave about?

What is something you have always wanted to do in Calgary, but never have gotten around to?

Hometown Calgary Tourist Ideas: 

Try one or try them all, in one epic Calgary tourist bucket list!

1. Float down the Bow.
2. Visit the Calgary Zoo!
3. Adventure the Calgary Farmer’s Market and plan a delicious dinner with all those local goods.
4. Visit the top of the Calgary Tower + surprise your date with a meal at Sky 360.
5. Check out our amazing Museums;
6. Visit a new park and enjoy a relaxing picnic in the sun.
7. Stroll Steven Ave and enjoy one of the many popular patios.
8. Take a tour of our beautiful growing mural collection in the Beltline.
9. Visit Calgary landmarks such as the Big Head and the Peace Bridge!
10. Explore Chinatown and eat your weight in dim sum. 
11. Try Fly Fishing! Why not?
12. Plan a downtown staycation! Stay in one of Calgary’s beautiful downtown hotels and take in all those gorgeous downtown sights. 
13. Try a new restaurant or brewery you’ve never been to!
14. Spend an afternoon adventuring the riverside pathways from East Village all the way to Princes Island Park — on foot, on bike, or (my personal favourite), an electric scooter. 
15. Plan a day trip to somewhere you haven’t been!

So get out there, YYC! Until we can cross borders, board planes and get out of dodge — let’s make the most of our own vibrant city, be Calgary tourists and explore more of the stunning place we are lucky to call home.

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