How To Be The Holiday Host With The Most

Host a stress-free party this holiday season.

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The holiday season is upon us; you might be enjoying the freshly fallen snow, cozying up by a fire to combat the chilly temperatures or sipping on an eggnog latte in a Christmas cup. You’re enjoying the sneak peek of what’s in store for you this holiday season when you’re hit with a small, but mighty panic attack – you’ll have to host a Christmas dinner party.

You start going through the lists in your head; What are you going to cook? Who are you going to invite? When will you have time to put up the Christmas tree and decorations? Just take a breath and remember why you love holiday get togethers: They bring your family together, you can catch up with friends, you can have a guilt-free second helping of pumpkin pie.

Before you head to the store for Christmas lights, eggnog and extra fold up chairs, you’ll want to make sure you have home insurance for the modern world. Nothing dims the holiday light like an unexpected incident that uses up your Christmas gift fund. Unlike hosting Christmas dinner, Esurance is stress free home insurance – you can get a free quote online, it’s as easy as that. You can plan your holiday events, without the worry about insurance.

We want you to relax and enjoy your holiday hostess duties, so we’ve put together six ways to be the holiday host with the most.

1.  Make a list

Think about and write down all the things you’ll need, people you need to reach out to. Did you ask your guests for allergies? The more effort you put into preparation before the event, the fewer things you have to worry about during the dinner, which means you can have an extra glass of wine and enjoy yourself.

2. Tidy up your house and get things organized

We all have that family member’s house where you don’t want to take your shoes off. You want your house to feel homey and cozy, but not too homey, if you know what we mean. Take the responsibility out of your wine loving friends and make sure you have extra blankets and pillows for them to stay over or taxis ready to go at a certain time. Organizing things before the party starts will give you the assurance that everyone will get home safe (that evening or the next morning).

3. Salt your sidewalks

It’s all in the name of being prepared and taking into consideration your guests safety is key to a great dinner party. If you live in Canada, most likely there will be snow and ice on the ground so double check your sidewalks the day of your dinner. If someone does fall and get hurt while they’re carrying too many things in their hands, Esurance has your back (and your friend’s) with liability protection. They also have voluntary medical protection: If someone is injured on your property, voluntary medical protection will cover up to $5,000 in medical bills.

4. Buy a new outfit

Pamper yourself before you pamper your guests. It’s a special event and what makes a special event even better? Getting to buy a new outfit. Festive dresses are gorgeous and fun, so indulge a little and treat yourself. Your confidence will be evident in your enthusiasm for your dinner party, your guests will definitely notice.

5. Put together a playlist

Set the mood for the kind of evening you want your guests to experience and curate it into a good party playlist. If you don’t want to source out music yourself, Apple Music or Soundcloud will have pre-made playlists for you and your guests to enjoy.

6. Enjoy yourself

There is nothing worse than an uptight host – people don’t want to feel like they’re a burden on you. Don’t knock back a whole bottle of wine before dinner, but let your hair down and enjoy the party you worked your ass off to put together.

We know you’ll be an amazing host, maybe invite us to your party? You can go back to taking advantage of the cozy, winter weather and holiday season. There are lots of things to worry about when you’re hosting Christmas dinner, your home insurance shouldn’t be one of them. Check out Esurance home insurance online to get your free online quote today.




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