How To Date Your Spouse

Dating doesn't stop at "I do". Keep the spark alive in your marriage with these tips on how to date your spouse.
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Dating doesn’t stop at “I do” and if it has, then this is your sign you need to date your spouse.

Couples need to genuinely spend time with one another. Not just see each other, but truly be with each other without distractions.

Many people have a misconception that life after marriage is dull, but as someone who is married, I can say with certainty that doesn’t need to be the case.

Marriage is what you make of it and the spark will remain if both people put in the effort.

I’m no marriage expert but I do try to always keep the spark alive, and the following tips will help you do the same.

Make time for your spouse

When you date your spouse, you are guaranteeing some alone time. Regardless of what you do, or where you go, spending that quality one-on-one time with one another will truly make your relationship stronger.

The reality is, your marriage should always be a top priority. It’s important to make sure your partner feels like they are number one on your list.

Couple sharing an embrace and looking into each others eyes.

Compliment Them

A little charm goes a long way.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it’s that flirting should never fade away.

Tell your spouse at least one nice thing about them a day and it will do wonders for your relationship.

Couple holding drinks and having a conversation.
Couple laughing together while sitting on the floor.

Be Open To Change

As humans, we are constantly evolving and it is important for you to be open to your partner changing throughout the years.

As long as you both grow together, communicate with one another, and are willing to
continuously learn who each other are, you will set your relationship up for success.

Couple in an embrace with a scenic fall background.

Talk To Each Other

Communication in any relationship is key. If you’re upset, annoyed, happy or excited, you
should communicate that with your spouse.

Some conversations may not be easy to have, but with every talk, you and your partner will get closer and closer, allowing you to reach deeper levels of your relationship.

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Don't Lose Your Sexy

It has to be said because it is so true!

Feeling sexy and exuding that energy is a big part of keeping the spark alive.

There are so many ways to lead with your sexy, from boudoir photoshoots to fulfilling fantasies. This is a sure way to keep that spark going! 

A couple in a sexy embrace.

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