How To Have A Solo Date Night In Vancouver

A girl sitting on the beach facing the ocean on a solo date night

Solo Date Night Done Right

Sometimes date night means taking care of yourself and doing things that make you happy. We all need a little alone time here and there so here is a list of things we love to do when on a solo date night or save this to plan your next day off. #selfcare

Take a walk around the Sea Wall

We are so lucky to have the Sea Wall in Vancouver that follows all the the waterfront around the city. Enjoy 28kms of path with the best views you can ask for! Choose your favourite section and take a stroll to clear your head and enjoy the beauty this city has to offer. Pick up your favourite drink and treat yourself to a pastry from a local shop at one of the many coffee shops in the city.  You can find a map of the Sea Wall here that is printable on an 8.5 x 11 page. Check out more details of the Sea Wall on the city of Vancouver website.

Try out a new workout class

Vancouver is a great spot for staying active. With so many great classes to choose from all over the city, you can try a different one out every week if you would like. A few of our recent favourites are Soul Cycle, Turf, Kondi Fitness, Club Row, Stretch Studio, iDance, and Spinhouse to name a few. Re-energize your mind with a little sweat sesh and get out any bad energy you may be holding on to on this solo date night. 

Retail therapy

We don’t know who needs to hear us but retail therapy is no joke. That shit slaps… as the kids like to say these days… we think. Anyways we are huge fans of going to our favourite stores and trying on new outfits for a little ego boots. Do your hair, make up, and what ever else makes you feel your best and head on out that door. We’re tired of online shopping with no where to go. Put on those quarantine purchases and strut your stuff. We’re also pretty sure we’ve become best friends with other people in the changing room hyping each other up. Some of our favourite spots to stroll down are Robson street, Park Royal, Nordstrom Rack, Tsawwassen Mills, and High Street.

Solo date night retail therapy

Donate your time, things, or blood

Sometimes the best self care is donating to those in need. Everyone needs a little help here and there so why not try donating some of your time to an animal shelter. The SPCA is a great place, plus who doesn’t love cuddling animals? Have a few extra pieces of clothing after your little shopping spree? Donate old clothing or things you don’t use that much anymore to a local shelter, value village, or if they are a bit higher value, consider consigning them so they can find a new home. We love the Main Exchange, Front & co., and Mine & Your’s. Lastly, Canadian Blood Services are always in need of more amazing individuals to donate blood! You could be helping save a life plus you get snacks at the end. You don’t need to give us another reason to eat chips, cookies and crush juice boxes! Find out where you can donate through their website or check out their app.  

Do The Thing You've Been Putting Off

We all have that one thing that we have wanted to do, try, or start. So this is your sign to pick up the skill that you’ve always wanted to learn. Put it in your calendar so time is blocked off for it. Or maybe you’ve been putting of fixing something in your place. Fix and and reward yourself with a bubble bath and your favourite beverage. Light some candles and cheers yourself to your success! Have you been putting off a phone call to a friend or loved one? Get in your comfiest clothes and give them a ring. Just because you are spending time on your own, doesn’t mean you have to be fully alone. What ever it is you want to do, do it and then reward yourself with your success no matter how big or small. 

Solo date night in a tub

Make sure to continue to make the most of the summer we have left and plan some amazing date ideas for Vancouver in August! For more date night inspiration, click here!

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