How to Live Like Drake

When you’re 25 not sitting on 25 Mil

We can thank Drake for getting us through many moments in our life, the good, the bad and the ugly – and we can always count on him for the perfect Instagram caption. But, if we’ve learned anything from Drizzy, it’s that we can start from the bottom and reach our goals – including the financial ones we set for ourselves when we left university thinking in a year our real job would be paying us enough to get out of our student debt, credit card debt and be flying around the world in first class. Our cheques may have bounced, but we bounced back, and now we have the opportunity to take control of our money, our investments and our future with the help of ATB Prosper, ATB’s sweet and super easy digital investment experience.

While some of us might not be 25 anymore, it would be really great to be sitting on 25 Mil, am I right? But before you can even get ahead (much less to Drake-level status), you need to set aside the time to learn how you can take the money you have now and invest it for the future. This will help turn your goals into reality in just a few short years. Just like how Kris Jenner is the brains behind the Kardashian brand and is constantly on the lookout for the next opportunity she can capitalize for her clan, ATB Prosper’s investment possibilities are powered by its award-winning Compass Portfolio Series, designed to minimize risk and maximize returns.

And because picking up the phone to call a financial advisor is on the list of top five things that will never happen (we know we’re not the only ones!), ATB has made the investment game easy. So easy in fact, that you can just go online, invest your money and check in on your investments without having to ever pick up the dreaded phone, or worse, having to go meet someone IRL.

Here are three reasons why you should use ATB Prosper.


  • Digital Experience

Since we can now order food from basically anywhere to our doorstep and get our holiday shopping done and delivered in days thanks to the click of a button, why not be able to invest from the comfort of our home too? ATB Prosper is Alberta’s first digital investment experience. It was created by Albertans for Albertans who want to start saving for retirement or other personal goals, but prefer a digital experience. You can set up an account and start investing in as little as five minutes. And again, can we stress enough that you can check progress towards your goals without having to speak to someone? ATB Prosper even has a Prosper Dashboard app, allowing you the chance to view your account whenever, wherever. However, for those looking for some help, an investment advisor is available via phone, email or click2chat.


  • The Right Investment Portfolio

Are you looking to buy a new car, put a down payment on a house or go on a month long European adventure in 2020? You start with your personal goals, while also taking into account your level of risk, time lines and current financial situation. ATB Prosper recommends an investment portfolio best suited to you and your goals, so you know that your investments are working towards your specific outcomes.


  • Reach Goals Quickly

Whether you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to investing, or this is your first time, ATB Prosper takes the complexity out of investing, helping you feel comfortable and informed when choosing where to put precious dollars. Pick goals that are at least two years away such as a vehicle, house, RESP, going back to school or a big vacation and your portfolio can be adjusted to reach those life milestones as quickly as possible. ATB Prosper also offers an annual Prosper Bonus and low management fees, which in true Drake style, will have your investment goals going from zero to 100 – real quick.

For more information on ATB Prosper, visit the website HERE.


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