#ItsDateNight with Frankie D’s Moms from Frankie D’s Donuts

An epic love story involving amazing humans, a fuzzy dog, and - donuts.

When we first came across Frankie D’s Donuts, first we were like, “OMG look at these donuts”, then we were like, “Look at that DOG!” Then, when we met Frankie D’s moms, we knew it was an epic love story, involving amazing people, dogs and donuts. I mean, hello hallmark? We have a new (and better) love story in town!


Keep reading to learn all about their love and business story, their beautiful family with Frankie D, and donuts, of course. 

1. Tell Us About Yourselves and Frankie D's Donuts

The Love Story, told by Frankie D

Our story begins when two Mom’s and their doodle (me! – Frankie D) fell in love with each other, and then in love with baking treats to enjoy together. My Mom’s names are Fia-Lynn (Mom) & Makaylah (Mama). In 2019 Mom started enjoying baking, and the first thing she made was Donuts. They were so good that we ate them all immediately while standing around the kitchen counter. 


Fast forward into 2020 and Mama had a deliciously life-changing call with a new friend, and at the end of that call was jumping up & down with the idea to start a Donut business here in Canmore. We were total amateur bakers so we spent the next few months making Donuts together at home and taste testing. And then one day we fried a batch of fresh Donuts for our friends to taste, which resulted in some amazing comments!

"Absolutely delicious! The freshest donuts I’ve ever had”

We were so excited by this feedback! We had a little family meeting and decided to spread our Donut joy outside our home and with our community. A few more months of testing and we finally took a big doggie leap announcing our first ever Donut Day. It was so much fun, and we’ve been loving making many Donut memories ever since! Every Donut is hand made and hand cut in small batches with lots of love.


Although my moms aren’t professional bakers and haven’t been to any culinary schools, they  have fun and learn so much as we continue our Donut journey. We are just two Mom’s and a doodle, with a lot of love to give and an intention to spread joy, love and hope to all our fellow Donut Lovers.


As a goofy labradoodle, I believe that we are meant to live our life by following our joy. Life seems really hard sometimes for humans and their four legged loved ones, and often I see them getting weighed down by the stress and pressures in life. We want to inspire our Donut Lovers to follow their joy and do what makes them happy, to follow where love takes them and to be themselves fully, out loud. And that’s why we infuse so much love, care and joy into every single Donut that we hand make from scratch.


Now that I’ve done the most important job of telling you a bit about how we started, I’ll tell you a few things about us.

Get To Know Us!

My Mom, Fia-Lynn is a total introvert and needs a lot of time alone. She’s super smart, creative and has been in business for 17 years (which works out well for me because she stays home with me everyday). She is passionate about helping people understand what makes them unique and how to honour that uniqueness in their work and personal life. She’s a nature lover, and a dog lover too of course. 


My Mama, Makaylah, is also an introvert but most people wouldn’t think that when meeting her. She’s like me in this way, we need lots of time alone but if you take us to the park we are going to be wagging our tails, and giving you a big hello! I might give you a little kiss but my Mama would rather hug you. My Mama is also super smart, creative and has been in business for about 7 years. She is passionate about mental health, and creating spaces for people to feel safe & inspired to express themselves fully and create a life that their child self would be proud of. She loves listening to podcasts during her 6am workouts, gives the best cuddles and says the first time she came to the mountains was the first time she felt home. The second time she felt home was with Fia-Lynn and then when they found me.

And my name is Frankie, but my friends call me Frankie D! My Moms have way too many names for me but one of their favourites is doodle, which is what the D stands for, and I really like it too. I love walks, cuddles, playing with my toys, getting treats for absolutely everything I do, and spending time alone. And my favourite thing in the world is love & seeing hoomans happy. I am obsessed with love and like to give little kisses to all the people I meet, and I love when hoomans laugh, play and feel free to be themselves fully and follow their own path and not squish themselves. It’s the best thing in the world, and what I believe life is really about.

Now that I’ve shared a little about Frankie D’s Donuts and my Moms, I’ll hand it over to them for the rest of the interview!

– Frankie D

2. How did you two meet?

Makaylah: It’s an epic, long, complicated love story but we’ll give you the short version! I grew up in Australia and was working on a business that was expanding into North America. I flew out for business event to Banff and thats where Fia-Lynn & I first met. We saw each other from across the room but never really got to talk. I just remember being very intrigued by her. A few months later we saw each other again at another business event, this time in Palm Springs. We became fast friends and when I went back to Australia we made a plan for me to come back to Canada for Christmas.

Fia-Lynn: I knew I liked Makaylah in Palm Springs. We went ziplining and laughed the whole time, and she looked like such a badass on the zipline. When she came to Canmore for Christmas I was with my family and heard myself talking about Makaylah constantly. It took a couple more months before I got the courage to tell her how I felt, and thankfully she told me that she felt the same too. 

That’s where the story gets more wild & complicated as we faced our own traumas, internalized shame and fears of coming out. But we are so glad we went through it and get to have the love that we have today. We got married in 2017 in Banff in the winter, and the only thing we regret is not having Donuts at our wedding! But we’ll renew our vows and get married again with Donuts soon enough.

3. Where was your first date?

Makaylah: I think our first official date as a couple was probably the night we kissed because we then went out to dinner in Banff and it was the first time we really moved into having a non-friendship relationship. But before that night we had so many dates as ‘friends’. Some highlights was the time we went dog sledding and the guide asked us “are you together” and we both went red, awkwardly laughed and said “we’re friends”. Later we realised she was actually asking if we came on this tour together, and not if we were in a relationship. But I guess that was already somewhere inside the both of us that we got so giggly and awkward about it. We also went snowmobiling a week before Fia-Lynn told me she loved me and we look back on those pictures now and can see how much love was between us.

4. What is each of your love languages, and what are some small examples of these that your partner does to make you feel loved?

Fia-Lynn: My love languages are physical touch and words of affirmation. I love when Makaylah gives me head massages, and when she holds me or hugs me and is fully present with me in that moment. She often will write me little love notes and leave them on the kitchen counter for me to find in the morning. I like when she tells me things she loves about me, things that are specific and genuine, no fluff.


Makaylah: My love languages are physical touch & acts of service. I also love when Fia-Lynn hugs me, holds me or I lay on her lap and she really sees me and is present with me. I love when she really sees me and what I am facing and feeling, and then she does something for me, whether thats taking something off my plate, making me dinner or coffee, or bringing me a cookie.


We both also really value quality time so we have date nights every weekend, and one night during the week we have an evening together to connect too.

5. Favourite local date spots?

Fia-Lynn: We are total introverts so our dates tend to be cozy at home, ordering food from one of our local fav restaurants. We often play the card game “We’re not really strangers” to ask each other questions and have conversations to really connect with each other more deeply. If we go out for dates we like going to the movies in Banff, or going to one of our favourite nature spots for a picnic.

6. Do you have a 'worst date' story, dating pet peeves or red flags?

Makaylah: The first ever date my ex took me on was to meet his mother. I really wish I saw that gigantic red flag! 


Frankie: I think a major red flag would be not being a dog person! Or animal person!

7. What's your favourite part about being a business in the community?

Our businesses have operated mostly online, so when we started Frankie D’s Donuts it was the first time we had a business in the local community. We love it so much, its one of our favourite things about this business. We love the sense of belonging with people, and being in this life together. There are so many incredible people in the Bow Valley, and we have been so overwhelmed by how supportive, encouraging and welcoming so many local businesses have been to us. Franke D’s Donuts wouldn’t be what it is without these incredible people, and all the local community support from our customers. Our customers are honestly the best people you’ll meet, and we are so grateful for each and every person who purchases our Donuts and supports us. We’ve made so many new friends since starting Frankie D’s Donuts and it really feels like we are a big family and all on the same team. It’s a really great feeling.

8. Do you have a date spot recommendation or piece of dating advice for our audience?

Fia-Lynn: Be honest with yourself if someone is a no for you. Often when dating we know fairly quickly if someone is not right for us, or we get a no in our gut. But then we think we should give it more time, or try to convince ourselves we can make it work. My advice would be to listen to yourself and be honest with yourself if someone is a no, so you can move on and find the yes. When I met Makaylah it was an instant yes, and experiencing that really highlighted the contrast for me from my past relationships and dating experiences.


Makaylah: Spend the time to know who you are, and then be that on the first date. It is better off to have someone who likes you for you, than them liking the ‘dating’ version of you. In dating I think we often try to put our ‘best foot forward’ or just trying to please the other person or be what they want. You deserve someone to know and love you as yourself. And its exhausting to try to ‘be more of yourself’ in a relationship rather than the foundation of the relationship being built on your authentic selves from the beginning. But again, the only way to be yourself when dating and in relationship, is to know yourself first and know that who you are is already enough, loveable and awesome!

I also think we spend so much time in life trying to be liked, fit in and belong. I think its important to turn this around and actually ask yourself “do I like this person” rather than wondering if they like you. Also, ask lots of questions!

Frankie D's Donuts
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