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Isaac + Kaitlyn

The last couple of years have given us a run for our money in terms of bringing new ideas into date nights. Having a datenight in used to be kind of boring, and now we have a new kind of appreciation for them. Eating charcuterie and sipping pinot in your sweatpants? How is that not romantic? But they can still get tired, and with COVID still hovering over our social lives and plans like a dark cloud, we are still looking for awesome ways to keep us entertained and connected, at home.

When Kaitlyn and Isaac decided to try candle-making one date night, they didn’t realize they were actually about to change their lives – and our at-home date nights – for the better with their business, Y.D.N. (Your Date Night). What started as candle-making kits, has now expanded to include other super fun kits such as bracelets and paint night kits. All you need is some music and wine for the perfect night in with your date! 

We connected with them about their unique datenight kits, and want to share their cute love story and hopefully inspire some new datenight in activities.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves, and your brand.

We began dating during the COVID pandemic, and started this little project together out of our love for new experiences.  We noticed that so many people lack unique date ideas, so we came up with Y.D.N. We are both softies to say the least. Being around those we love and having that quality time is so important to us. Having a business centered around bringing people together has been a dream. 

2. How did you two meet?

We met at good ol’ Earls. Let’s just say Isaac was chatting up his bartender a bit. A couple of years later, we rekindled and three months later we started Y.D.N. And then we were really stuck together

3. Where was your first date?

A cold bevy at Cold Garden! Such a chill, laid back atmosphere that you can leave at any time if the date is not it. 

4. What is each of your love languages, and what are some small examples of these that your partner does to make you feel loved?

Kaitlyn: physical touch is for sure number 1 for me and acts of service is very close behind. Isaac is so good about doing things like mowing my lawn, making me dinner, planning little trips and of course cuddling me 24/7.


Isaac: Quality time, I am the type of person who is quality over quantity. Kaitlyn is incredible about this, although we have both quality and quantity we are both always present in the moment and she makes such a big effort to be off her phone and come up with great activities or dates for us to do together. 

5. Favourite local date spots?

Ooooo there are so many! TELUS Spark adult nights are a blast! Una is our favourite pizza spot (4 maggi of course) we love little getaways to Canmore and our favourite spots there are Ankor, 4296, and Eclipse for a coffee! We love a good drop-in class as well – our favourites are Yoga Nova, and YYC spin

6. Do you have a 'worst date' story that you want to share? and/or dating pet peeve/red flags.

Oh my goodness! When someone is on their phone while on a date is the biggest red flag for both of us. My first (and last) date with this guy was to hot yoga and yes it was power yoga as I was sitting in the coffee shop after looking like I had a shower (in sweat) let’s just say hot yoga on a first day is not the play. 

7. What's your favourite part about being a business in the community?

Meeting the coolest humans!! Whether other small business owners, or connections we make through the business that is by far the best part. Fostering connection through a kit is the most rewarding part of Y.D.N. Especially during these times we feel is it more important than ever. 

8. Do you have a date recommendation or piece of dating advice?

Our 2 pieces of dating advice are always make date night a priority. Even if money is tight there are so many ways to connect with your partner that don’t break the bank. A hot cocoa date at Rosso, or a blanket fort at home with a bottle of wine are some great cost effective dates! Our second piece of advice is Sunday check ins! Every Sunday for around 15 minutes we talk about what we appreciated and didn’t appreciate so much about what our partner did that week.

Your Date Night

Looking to spice up datenight with a new activity? Make sure to try out the Y.D.N kits for your next datenight in, or keep in mind they are also perfect for double dates and girl’s nights!


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