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We’re sitting down (virtually, of course) with some amazing people who are dishing on all things dating. From their own first date stories, to dating pet peeves, a look into their own online brands and more.

Who they are

Welcome Chelsea, a Newfa-Scotian Digital Content Creator (@roseonthecoasthfx) who’s inspiring Haligonians and people all over Canada to live their best lives as their true, authentic selves.

C: I got started on my social media journey during university, back when Instagram and blogging started to become popular. It has definitely changed a lot for me and developed over the years from just superficial product promotion to speaking on mental health and queer issues.

Chelsea smiling at the camera.

Let’s talk love languages

C: I always find it so hard to nail down my love language because I feel like it changes often. I feel like sometimes I need to receive different love languages at different times or depending on the relationship, and the same goes with the love languages I give. I do tend at present to lean towards receiving love as quality time and acts of service, and I tend to give love the same way with some gift-giving sprinkled in. 

About first dates…

C: My ideal first date is a fun activity, intense deep conversation (ask me what I think about the universe instead of what my favourite colour is) and good food! I’m a huge foodie so if you pick a good place to eat with (hopefully) good drinks to pair, that’s points in my books. Although I usually pick the place to go because I eat out so often and know the good spots. I think in today’s dating world, there’s so many fun date options instead of just a coffee date or a movie. 

The best date I’ve ever been on was going to Boneheads BBQ (one of my faves) followed by YukYuk‘s Amateur Night, then capped off with some pool.

What are your favourite local date spots?

C: Obladee Wine Bar, Lot Six Bar & Restaurant, Playdium, Lawrencetown or Martinique beach and YukYuks.

Do you have a ‘worst date’ story that you want to share?

C: Let’s just say they compared me to their mother, talked about how wonderful they were (almost like it was a job interview) and had to list their best attributes to me. They also mentioned how everyone they know thinks they should be a comedian (I did not laugh once), talked about how many people were throwing themselves to get with them in university, joked that they would brag about me to their friends depending on my oral skills, and then at the end of the night made a joke about consent. When I said I didn’t want to kiss them, they asked me “Are you sure? I’m a really good kisser.”

What’s your favourite part about being a creator in the community?

C: Meeting new people, anytime a follower messages me connecting with something I’ve posted, working with some amazing local brands and businesses.

And to wrap it up, here’s some dating advice from Chelsea to you:

“Trust your gut, listen to red flags, be yourself, don’t rush, and don’t settle.”

Chelsea dining on a patio in Downtown Halifax.

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