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Award-winning Canadian lifestyle blogger, Kayla Short, is using social media to inspire confidence, positivity, and kindness among Haligonians and people all over the world. When she’s not creating blog posts on everything from fashion to travel, she contributes as a columnist to a variety of publications and is also a seasoned guest expert for CTV, Global, and CBC. Kayla was actually chosen as one of Huffington Post’s Top 50 Canadians and has received numerous awards through The Coast Best of Halifax for ‘Best Blogger’. Since she started documenting her adventures, Kayla has garnered thousands of followers across various platforms including her online blog – Short Presents.

We sat down with Kayla to dish on all things dating. From her ideal first date, to dating pet peeves, a look into her online brand and more. 

How did you get started with your blog?

KS: I went to school to be a teacher and I was actually teaching high school when I first started blogging. My partner actually started my blog, Short Presents, and gave it to me on a date (yes he’s a keeper and forever my biggest cheerleader!) I always say I was knee deep in it before I even knew what blogging was. Certainly no one around me was doing it and forget doing it for a living! 

I distinctly remember a point where I was travelling a lot and I saw some comments about how it was making people feel bad that they couldn’t afford to travel to other places. It was then that I realized me and everyone else were taking Halifax for granted so I decided to really lean into what makes Halifax special and share a lot more fun content about things to do right here!

"When I started my blog, I drew a lot of inspiration from girls in Europe and thought, 'why can't I do that here?'"

Let's talk love languages

KS: Activities!! I know that’s not technically one of the official ones haha but it’s definitely my love language. I think our time here is short (no pun intended) and I want to do all the things while making memories together.

What is your ideal first date?

KS: Great question! I’d say my favourite dates are ones where I’m learning something new or trying something new, whether it’s food or an activity. I think it’s a) exciting and b) a great way to get to know one another.

I mean dating is basically just recruitement for a travel buddy, right? This person will ideally be your life partner and best friend so you kinda need to know how they handle stress. If they aren’t ready to rally then it’s probably not going to work out for me and my lifestyle haha! 

What are your favourite local date spots in Halifax for activities?

KS: Let’s do an escape room (great double date option), try a cooking class, rent some e-bikes from I Heart Bikes, go skating at the Oval, or do a Ghost Tour at the Halifax Citadel! Literally any activity! 

This is also what I love about my job because I get to try all these cool things around the city and share them not only with my audience but with my favourite person! 

What are your dating pet peeves and do you have a 'worst date' story that you'd like to share?

KS: For worst dates, I think about times when I didn’t realize I was on a date and had to have THAT conversation. But in general, I think the worst dates are when people talk about themselves the whole time. I think it’s so important to show interest in the other person and ask each other questions.

I’ve also ruined a few of my own dates by wearing shoes that ripped my feet apart so definitely wear comfortable shoes! Otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else other than the heart beat that’s in your big toe.

When it comes to dating pet peeves, I cannot stand when the other person is rude to servers or anybody! 

KS: Oh my God, I am the least smooth person on the planet when it comes to these things! People might be surprised to know I’m actually VERY shy. I know I share my life on the internet but I absolutely have zero game. I would probably just go up to someone and say “hi” and try to continue the conversation haha. 

What's your favourite part about being a creator in the community here in Halifax?

KS: Sharing all the things I love! I sort of feel like the big sister who tries things first so you can have a better experience or know exactly what to expect. I absolutely love doing it! I want everyone to be able to experience things so if I can help someone make a choice about where to go for dinner, feel confident in a new dress, or try a new lipstick then I am here for it! 

I love Halifax and everything about the east coast. I’m just SO happy I get to share it with the internet! 

And to wrap it up, here's some #datenight advice from Kayla:

KS: Be YOU! You are amazing and you’ll never glow more than when you’re talking about the things that light you up. Just make sure you balance it out and engage with the other person too haha.

I haven’t dated in awhile but for me it was always about aligning values. I’ve always been concerned about the big stuff and I think it’s important that the other person ticks those boxes. All the rest is what keeps things interesting! 

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