#ItsDateNight with the Girls From ‘What Day Is It?’ Podcast

We sat down with the girls behind What Day Is It Podcast to discuss their dating pet peeves and what their dream date would be if they were on The Bachelor.
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Did someone say Happy Hour?

You have obviously sat down with your besties and talked for hours about your life struggles, girl problems and biz life? Well that is exactly what the duo behind the What Day Is It Podcast brings to life every Wednesday. Bailey and Jacci are your digital happy hour besties and have been though many stories of dating with their podcast guest. But now it’s their turn to be in the hot seat. Date night hung out with the girls, obviously over a bottle of rosé, to discuss their experiences in the wild world of dating. Read on to find out their do’s, don’ts and everything in-between the lines of first dates and bachelor life.

Meet the Girls behind the pod

The What Day Is It Girls:

Bailey Stanworth: kicking butt and taking names with her dog close to her side. You can probably find her cuddled up to banks with a glass (cough *bottle) of wine.

Jacci Rai: Don’t be fooled by her gaze, she’s a softy on the inside. You can also probably find her in the bath tub every day, maybe twice a day. 

These girls have been hustling with amazing guests on their What Day Is It podcast. From leaning about financial advice to hanging out with their friends just chatting about life, there is an episode for everyone to fall in love with or learn from. They want to ask the questions most of us need answers to but don’t know where to look for them. Check out their podcast on all major streaming platforms. www.whatdayisitpodcast.com

Now let's get to the deets


Hands down words of affirmation and gifts. Affirmations are so so important to me because I’m not a mind reader and sometimes my brain does this thing where it plays tricks on me (I think we all experience this) so I love being reminded of the positive things by people. It doesn’t matter if it’s friendships, relationships, co-workers, etc. it’s my #1 love language. Second is definitely gifts but when I say gifts I don’t mean like a Gucci bag, I mean something thoughtful like a love note or something I said I loved when I was out that I didn’t think anyone was listening to me natter about. I think gifts can be a really special way to show someone how you care  and how much they mean to you and I’m HUGE on gift giving – I have an entire reel on gift giving here.


Can I say all 5? My poor partner…

I’ll narrow it down to two! 

First is quality time. This can be as luxurious or as simple as it gets, I really don’t care. Let’s go for a walk on our street, or take me out for a nice dinner downtown. The key thing is to have our phones away so that we’re actually present and spending time connecting. My second love language would be acts of service which plays a bit into above. Plan a date, or trip…make me dinner, draw me a bath, do the dishes and I will be a happy camper!



I love something active and fun… where you can have a little flirty competition even. I think it takes the pressure off sitting across the table from each other asking questions like a job interview but can let you still get to know a person (vs. something like a movie) asking questions while having some fun. I once had a guy take me to play Ping Pong, granted he still lived at home with his mom at 34 I later found out but the Ping Pong part was fun.


Oh, easy!

Take me to a local beach with a cozy blanket right before the sun sets and you are golden (pun intended). Bonus points if you bring a bomb charcuterie spread and a nice bottle of white wine. It’s absolutely essential we grab an ice cream cone after or else the beach trip didn’t even count!



I’m not going to factor in personality things like being rude to servers, or inflated egos etc. because we just don’t want that type of energy anyways but something I would say to avoid for sure no matter your personality is being on your phone. I think it’s something that we’re all soooo addicted to these days but if I’m on a date with someone and they can’t give me eye contact or keep checking their phone every 5 minutes texting people, it just really feels like a waste of my time. I also say air on the side of caution with how much you reveal on certain topics… everyone loves a bit of mystery and while I think this can be super situational MOST first dates don’t really need the entire backstory of why you have trust issues etc. Not saying you should be afraid to be open with someone but just maybe wait until date 3.


If they are late!

To me, it just seems like the effort wasn’t there from the start. Obviously every situation is different but, I personally would be turned off if someone was late.



THIS IS HARD. I don’t even think I would be picky. I love to travel and I think every country has so many unique things to offer. I have been dying to go to Ireland though and I think there could be something fun about going for a countryside picnic and then to a pub with some live music! But I also kind of want to go there single to find me an Irish man so…


If I were to end up on The Bachelor I would love to have a date in Japan! Tokyo has been on the top of my list since before the pandemic hit but I obviously had to put it on pause. I would love to have a date fully immersed in Japanese culture. Spending time eating authentic foods (not sure how far I would get since I am a vegetarian but I would make it work) and then let’s explore some historic temples. 


The incredible conversations we get to have and the community we’ve built around those conversations. 

It’s the most present I am sometimes because it’s an hour long conversation, no phones, no distractions you’re just engaged with your guest. They’re also conversations that I wouldn’t likely have with people I would have never met if it weren’t for What Day Is It? so it’s really really special and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Podcasting to me is like a deep breath of fresh air after it’s just rained. For about 2 hours a week, sometimes more, I am able to sit down face to face (well, on Zoom…but you know what I mean) and intentionally connect with people. On top of that, the people we meet have all experienced life on a different path than myself and I have the privilege to learn and hear directly from their experience. Honestly, their insight is priceless to me. I feel our guests offer things I could never learn elsewhere in such a condensed period of time.

And that's a wrap

The girls have to get back to hosting their What Day Is It Podcast with the most incredible people andddddd learning how not to miss their flight. (check out Episode 47 for more on what happened at the airport) 

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