Japanese Inspiration in the Heart of Inglewood

Go for Japanese-inspired food in a zen-like atmosphere with an adventurous date.

Do you love rock ’n roll and feel inspired by Japanese culture? Gorilla Whale is the perfect spot for exactly this, a fun and loud restaurant/lounge. Go for Japanese-inspired food in a zen-like atmosphere with an adventurous date. The eclectic mix of historic and modern buildings in Inglewood, where the space is located, connects to the unique feel this foodie spot provides.

The space is loud and crazy Harajuku mixed with a zen garden in the heart of Tokyo. You
should go here to try something completely different from anything else and can go anytime
during the day. This spot is open Monday – Thursday 11:30am – 11:00pm, Friday and Saturday
11:30am – Midnight and Sunday 11:30am-11:00pm; no reservations.

Your black tutu with a sexy low cut red halter and spiked bracelets or a skinny tie with dress
pants and converse runners mesh with the feel of this venue. If you come at night it is likely you will have to wait for a table but it is worth it. You can order a delicious Cold Tea (alcoholic shochu green tea-based drink) while sinking into the cushions in the middle of their zen-like garden space. There is a view of a Japanese symbol in the kitchen which spikes the feel of being in Japan.

This is the perfect place to taste the menu bit by bit as the items are smaller but still substantial enough to fill you up. You can start with the delicious halloumi grilling cheese for a captivatingly salty $6 fix and move on to the market raw which is as fresh as can be, changing daily at market price. Be sure not to forget about eating the Kewpie-Chocolate Cake, a mouthwatering flavour that you need to taste to know what intricate food dreams are made of.

After your romantically lit dinner then head to Recordland, one of the oldest record stores just a few steps away. Afterwards, cozy up in a booth and enjoy some live music playing at The
Blues Can. Inglewood has such an array of artistic depth to offer and you are sitting right in the middle of it all at Gorilla Whale.



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