Let’s Get Lit

Turn your living room into a liquor store with a simple click of a button.

You’re sitting around a backyard fire pit, roasting marshmallows, laughing with your squad about your ridiculous Saturday night last weekend when you go to pour another glass of champagne and there is none left. Pretty sure no one can drive but the night is definitely not over. That’s where Lit comes in. An app that makes it quick and easy to have more champagne (or any bottle) delivered right to your door. Your party can keep on going and the booze will show up right when you need it.

Okay here’s another. You’ve had a crazy day at work, back to back meetings and you just ran out of the door at 6pm before anyone could ask you another question, you’ve got your friends 30th birthday party to get to. Damn, you forgot to pick up her favourite beer yesterday to bring to the party but between having to rush home to change, freshen up and get over to her house, you don’t have time to stop along the way. Solution? Obviously open up the Lit app and get those bottles delivered right to your door to save you the hassle and embarrassment of being even later you already are.

By now, you’ve probably thought of so many other situations where it would have been very convenient and worth the money to have your alcohol delivered right to you. Whether you’re running late, can’t drive or are studying for final exams and don’t have the time to drive to the liquor, Lit is there for you. It’s like Uber for all your booze needs. Once you download the app, you pick out your order, place it and then you can watch your order go from the liquor store to your front door. Once you have your bottle in your hand, rate the experience on the app and add a tip for your driver.

Lit is revolutionizing the liquor industry across North America and changing the way alcohol is shopped, sold and enjoyed. You can be a part of the revolution – Lit launches this summer. Clear up space on your phone for your new favourite app.

Connect with Lit to stay up to date on their launch: @order_lit



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