Let’s Get Spritzd YYC

Crack a cold one this summer - yes, this phrase can now refer to wine.
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Sip, sip, syrah – summer is finally here! Us locals in Calgary, we wait all year long for these warm days to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. It’s finally time for barbecues, camping trips, lake days, patio parties, all that outdoor summery goodness. And what better way to celebrate the season and enjoy these activities than with a cute drink in hand.

However, not just any drink will do for your summer escapades – no, no, no. You need something light and refreshing, full of flavour but easy on the belly, oh-so-tasty but not too sweet. What if you could stay hydrated and keep the calories low all whilst having a smashing good time? Introducing the new drink of the summer: Spritzd.

Conveniently packaged, modernly labelled and mouth-puckeringly delicious, this new wine spritzer is the bomb. Spritzd is made with simple ingredients to deliver a cool, refreshing taste even on the hottest of summer days. No cork, no glass bottle, no problem. Spritzd offers the perfect serving size each and every time you indulge – no strings attached. Tired of searching for a corkscrew each time you crave a glass of pinot? Us too. Spritzd allows you to access that refreshing bubbly ASAP.

Sourced from sunny California, this gluten-free beverage is perfect for your summer parties, stampede gatherings, backyard bonfires and weekend getaways. Whether you’re on team rosé -all-day or white-wine-all-the-way, has Spritzd got the can for you. Sip away on their crisp pinot grigio whether you’re lounging on the hot, sunny beach or back porch dining with your date. Perhaps you feel like celebrating – we dare you to try and have just one dry, delectable syrah rosé. Spritzd knows how to do wine right. 

You no longer need to worry about what you’re going to drink this weekend or limit the number of those calorie-rich, sugary drinks that seem to resurface every summer – Spritzd keeps it light and refreshing all day long. Stay hydrated and truly enjoy the flavour of your wisely-chosen beverage – we know, it’s a new concept. Drinking in the summer should be simple. Choose the option with the shortest ingredient list: wine, soda. Thanks for making it easy, Spritzd.

So, have we converted you yet? One sip of this cold blend and you’ll be right here with us on the wine spritzer train. Be the life of the party all summer long with this cool, effervescent drink in hand, light and refreshing, yet full of flavour. However, we suppose it really comes down to one question: wine not give it a try? 

Crack a cold one this summer – yes, this phrase can now refer to wine – and let’s get Spritzd YYC! 

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