Let’s Taco ‘Bout Energy

Guac is extra, you utility bill shouldn't be.

At the top of the list of things that we would rather live without – bills. Is it just us or when you start adulting, it feels like you spend a lot of time and money on bills? We can’t get rid of the bills for you but what we can do is help educate you on how to keep an eye on your bills and what you’re paying for. Adulting is hard, you want to have a few extra dollars to treat yo self.

There are easier ways to save money on your utility bill than never turning on your lights and only taking cold showers. We’ve teamed up with ATCOEnergy for an evening of tacos and energy. ATCO will shed some light on utility bills and how you can save some major moola by just asking the right questions. Don’t worry, they’ll share what these “right questions” are. Whether you’ve been paying a utility bill for years or your just looking to move into your own place, everyone can benefit from a little bill knowledge.

ATCO will walk us through what a utility bill consists of, how to read your bill and when you should have one or two bills. If you’re interested in learning about green energy, we’ve gotchu covered over here. ATCO will breakdown where it comes from and what happens if you add it to your bill. Bring along your latest energy bill to the event for the ATCO team to go through the line charges with you and answer any specific questions that you have.

There is a lot more that goes into monthly bill paying that just setting up your credit and letting is run. ATCO wants you to be as educated as possible to save money where you can when it comes to your energy bill.

Wait, there’s more.

We would say that knowing how to pull together a killer taco is equally as important as being able to save money on your bills. Not only will you leave with a head full of energy bill knowledge, you’ll also leave with a full and satisfied belly both things key to adulting success. ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen will be showing us how to whip up the best tacos you’ve ever had in under 15 minutes.

As you leave you’ll receive a swag bag with an assortment of ATCO swag including earbuds, phone wallet and power bank in a tote bag as well as access to all of the Blue Flame Kitchen’s e-cookbooks: One Pot Meals and Ready in 30. You thought the tacos were good, wait until you see what other recipes that have for you. You’ll also receive $50 credit off your next bill with ATCOEnergy AND get the first look at ATCOEnergy’s new offer in market with a surprise additional $50 credit if they elect to sign-up. Credit offer cards will be inserted at random into totes.

Bring your energy bill and your girls, bae or come solo to learn about your energy bill, how to save some money and how to impress with mouth watering tacos at our next Adulting 101 on June 27th at 6pm. Get tickets here.



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