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Letterbox Doughnuts is a Toronto based bakery that specializes in lettered doughnuts. They launched during the pandemic to celebrate with family and friends, they have helped people celebrate all sorts of special moments, including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries and office parties. What makes each order so special is the fact that it is fully customizable, you can truly make it your own! From the message itself to adding special characters all the way down to the sprinkles!

Anyone can place an order based on party theme, event design or company branding. You can spell out any messages be it a catch phrase, inside joke, campaign slogan, or something as simple as Happy Birthday to your loved one!

Make It Your Own

Letterbox is awesome if you really want to make it your own. They fully embrace customization and creativity, focusing on offering new, fun and unique ways to personalize your sweet treat! 

At the end of 2022, Letterbox really leaned into creativity and community to introduce Flavour Drops – limited edition flavours that were created in collaboration with local Toronto creators, brands, and influencers! No matter what your interests are, what your niche is, or what flavours and words/images speak to you most, Letterbox can put it on a doughnut.

Events and date ideas

Standard pre-orders aren’t the only way you can celebrate with Letterbox either! They now offer a range of fun ways to make your next large party or event extra sweet.

Donut Displays

You can create your own donut display, and have the LB team help make your vision come to life with a range of donut walls, carts, and displays. 

Donut Decorating

If you’ve ever wanted an interactive dessert option, now’s your chance! Letterbox has a range of Donut Decorating experiences to unleash your inner baker!

You can order a Decorating DIY Kit, have the LB team host a Decorating Station at your event and you can book a decorating experience at their bakery for an authentic bakery feel!

Custom Flavours

Ever wanted your own donut? Now for large events and orders you can work with the LB team to create your very own unique donut glaze! 

Letterbox is the perfect bespoke option for your next party! Letting you fully embrace the party theme, event design, company branding, or that funny inside joke you have! 

The only question is, how are you going to make it your own?

Visit Letterbox Doughnuts at 235 Spadina Ave # 1 to celebrate special moments in delicious style.

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Written by – Jenna Kaplan

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