Luxury Date Night Shopping at Mine & Yours


Did someone say shopping?

Everyone needs a wardrobe revamp here and there. So what better way than being conscious of the environment and diving into designer therapy? Plus who doesn’t love going on a luxury date night.

Shopping second hand has been getting more and more popular and for good reason. With most trying to do their part making good choices for our planet, make one of those choice to support local and still get designer. Stop by Mine & Yours the next time you are on the lookout for a new date night outfit. They have a huge collection of everyones favourites pieces and their staff are so knowledgable to help you find everything you are looking for. 

"The Bag Wall"

What’s even better is that Mine & Yours have just opened their second location! Now you can shop their two amazing boutiques located a short walk from each other. Their new location in Yaletown has been designed with a full floor to celling bag wall equipped with a beauty and the beast library ladder. It is glorious. They also have a full wall for all the shoes you can possibly dream of. Your outfit and your date isn’t going to know what hit them and they are going to be the luckiest human that evening out of the town. 

Oui, Oui, Chanel

Some of our favourites from the Mine and Yours website that we think you would look amazing in:

We can’t wait to see the pieces you fall in love with here and style together. Your luxury date night is going to be very magical, so why not check out our article on our favourite places to dine out at in Yaletown. A few are even in walking distance from the Mine & Yours locations.

Happy Shopping!

Howe Street


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