Meet Your New BFF: A Plantsie House Plant

Plantsie is bringing a fun, modern twist to houseplants, by giving them personality!

Plantsie is bringing a fun, modern twist to houseplants, by giving them personality. In the past years, house plants have grown immensely in popularity. They are pets, they are a form of self-care, and now with Plantsie, they are friends!

The goal is to make the world a little better (and a little greener) by creating a plant experience that spreads joy and brings a smile and laughter into your day. Your Plantsie house plant is your new BFF! They will keep you company when you’re lonely, remind you to prioritize your mental and physical health, and above all – keep things fun!

Choosing your plant BFF is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Choose a ready to go Plantsie, or follow the below steps to customize your own!

  1. Choose your plant
  2. Pick your pot
  3. Name your Plantsie
  4. Give it a little (or BIG) personality

Done! It will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Alberta!

Blake The Adventurer Plantsie

Meet Blake. The Adventurer.

“Buckle up! We’re about to start one amazing adventure together. I am always ready to experience something new. I like to live “outside of the box” and push the limits of social convention. I’m ready to explore the path less travelled…are you up for it?”

Plantsies make the best gifts. Period.

A new plant friend makes the perfect gift for yourself or anyone in your life who may need a little pick-me-up, and is great for birthdays, anniversaries, any milestone celebration or just because!

If someone you know is a little down, lonely or unwell – gift them a new plant BFF to remind them they are loved and most definitely not alone.

Corporate gifting is also a fabulous way to spread the Plantsie love. Many of Plantsie’s customers are sending little green pals to clients as thank you gifts, and employees to boost team morale.

Griffin the Plantsie Snake Plant is happy, healthy and can be delivered right to your door anywhere in Alberta!

Order your Plantsie and meet your new bestie!

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