Canadian Clothing Brand For Kids, Miles the Label Launches First Outerwear Collection

It's going to be the coolest winter yet for the little ones!

Miles the Label is a renowned brand known for its chic and kid-friendly fashion apparel designed in Montreal. To make the lives of parents easier (and more stylish) they’ve introduced their latest creation – a captivating collection of outerwear for the 2023 fall and winter seasons!

This vibrant line includes an assortment of fashion-forward jackets, lightweight packables, mid-weight options and cozy parkas, all thoughtfully designed for children aged 12 months to 10 years.

Cover babies up to 24 months old in style, with their adorable one-piece snowsuits. Additionally, there are matching snow pants and beanies to complete the look for the little trendsetters! 

Style x Functionality

Miles the Label‘s Fall/Winter 202323 outerwear collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to combining style and functionality. Each piece showcases cool tones and fall-inspired prints, appealing to both kids and parents alike.

It’s not just about the aesthetics – these pieces have technical features  too to keep kids warm and dry throughout the chilly months.

The Collection

The outerwear collection is thoughtfully curated, offering a variety of options to cater to different weather conditions making it versatile for every occasion.

The lightweight packables, mid-weight jackets, and one-piece snowsuits all feature water-repellant outer layers treated with a durable water repellent  finish, providing protection against unexpected rain or snow. This ensures that kids can stay comfortable and dry, even on those unpredictable days!

Their parkas and snow pants keep kids warm in temperatures as low as -30°C for those extreme cold days. This means that children can comfortably enjoy outdoor activities without compromising on warmth or mobility, no matter how cold it gets!

Miles The Label x Sustainability

Miles the Label remains committed to their sustainability, with all outerwear pieces crafted from cruelty-free materials, including recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and organically grown cotton.

These pieces are for longevity and not just fashion for a single season. They feature adjustable straps and waistbands where applicable, as well as double-reinforced knees, seats, and hems on the snow pants. Miles the Label actively encourages passing on outgrown clothing to a sibling or friend, thanks to the high-quality materials.

About the Brand

Miles the Label is a brand that creates cozy attire for children ideal for their daily adventures and playtime. They have remained dedicated to making top-notch clothing tailored for children lifestyles since their launch in 2017.

As a brand, taking a mindful approach to its environmental impact is very important to them while aiming to educate the next generation about sustainability and fostering a more conscious relationship with fashion.

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