9 New Montreal Cafés Perfect For A Coffee Date

Get your caffeine kick at one these new cafés in Montreal!
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Much like the abundance of restaurants in Montreal, coffee shops seem to be at every street corner. They’re not just cafes; they’re community hubs, inviting locals to gather, sip, and savor in the essence of each neighborhood. Among them are familiar faces you’ve probably seen around and hidden gems you might not yet know. Regardless, these fresh cafes each boast their distinct ambiance and impressive menus. 

From chic urban spaces to cozy corners with an artisanal touch, these 9 newcomers redefine Montreal’s coffee scene, promising not just a great cup of joe but the perfect setting for your next coffee date.


Found in the vibrant Mile End, Alphabet Cafe, an endeavor by Ambros Coffee, has emerged as a hot topic in Montreal. Their specialty? Freddo culture that elevates the coffee game to new heights. This cozy spot has quickly become a favorite in the neighborhood for good reason—perhaps it’s the flick of the wrist or the warm atmosphere drawing locals inside. 

More than just a coffee shop, Alphabet Cafe aims to create a sense of community while delivering a unique experience to its customers. With a commitment to sourcing beans from across the globe, they promise Montrealers the perfect cup every time.

Location: 5765 Rue Clark, Montréal, QC H2T 2V5

Maison Sauvage

It’s so fluffy, you’re going to love it! This trendy new cafe is making waves with its delightful array of cookies and captivating beverages. If a moist matcha cookie doesn’t entice you, their heavenly, cloud-like meringue certainly will. Say farewell to boring lattes because here, they’re topped with a fluffy, perfectly toasted meringue, so move over cold foam and whipped cream, there’s a new topping in town. And the best part? Maison Sauvage allows you to add their delightful meringue to complement any of their delectable cookies!

Take a break from the classic for your next coffee date and enjoy a perfectly toasted cloud latte & cookie at Maison Sauvage. If you don’t like meringue, no problem! You can add crème brûlée to top the cookie instead.

Location: 162 Rue Bernard O, Montréal, QC H2T 2K2

Rì Yuè

Rì Yuè Celebration Café has quickly charmed Montrealers since its recent debut. Originally these chiffon cakes were available to order, but with the recent opening of their storefront, you can enjoy them any time. This Asian-inspired spot, a recent addition to the city’s coffee scene, boasts an array of irresistibly cute menu items.

With its inviting ambiance and amazing treats, Rì Yuè is an ideal location for a leisurely weekend morning coffee date. From fluffy cakes to creatively designed Fatcarons, each treat is a delightful visual and flavorful experience.

Location: 333 ave du President Kennedy, Montréal, QC H3A 2K2

Café Moonday

Who would have thought that candles and coffee could create such a perfect pairing? Enter Moonday Cafe, where these two elements come together. This newly opened café, gracing Montreal in October, is quickly becoming a city favorite. Stepping inside reveals a vibrant and charming interior, home not only to the beloved Moonday candles, but also to exceptional coffee.

Moonday, a Montreal-based candle company, specializes in vegan, eco-friendly soy wax candles. Their decision to merge candles and coffee in a single space offers Montrealers a unique experience. Hosting workshops to craft your own candles, Moonday Cafe transforms into a haven for unforgettable date nights—a blend of aromatic coffee and the art of candle-making.

Location: 3962 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y3

Après Soleil

Hang ten, coffee enthusiasts! Après Soleil, a surf-inspired coffee shop, has cruised its way into Montreal’s vibrant scene. This funky, new cafe embraces a surf culture that extends beyond coffee—it’s a place intended to unite both coffee aficionados and river surfers alike. With its unassuming charm, it invites visitors for engaging conversations and the discovery of a new sport while savoring great coffee. 

As winter approaches, fear not, for within L’Apres Soleil, because here it’s always a sunny day. A summer oasis nestled in the heart of the city, this spot offers an ideal setting for a splendid date.

Location: 5887 Rue Bannantyne, Montreal, Quebec H4H 1H3

Photos via Après Soleil

Le Grand Cormoran

Step into more than just a typical cafe at Le Grand Cormoran. Beyond offering amazing coffee and tasty pastries, this spot is perfect for people seeking something extra. Here, self-proclaimed coffee nerds meticulously craft specialty brews using unique tools seldom found elsewhere, all within a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

Drawing inspiration from the rich coffee and pastry culture of Greece, this cafe goes beyond the brew, boasting an epic brunch experience that’s truly noteworthy. Whether you seek a classic coffee date or aspire to elevate it with a weekend brunch affair, Le Grand Cormoran eagerly awaits your arrival.

Location: 1034 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, Quebec H2J 1X6


Cappuccinos, step aside—Montreal’s coffee scene has been revolutionized by the arrival of Vietnamese Egg Coffee at Nhasang, and it’s an innovation that’s here to stay. Served uniquely in a can, these cool concoctions are set to elevate coffee experiences across the city. Located in Saint Laurent, this cafe is a destination worth the trip. Beyond conventional offerings, their menu has fascinating drinks like Ube coffee, herbal tea, and pho coffee, showcasing the dedication of this family-owned shop to offer an authentic Vietnamese experience. 

While egg coffee might not resemble the typical cup of joe, it’s undoubtedly the most intriguing addition. Embark on a journey to Vietnam for your next coffee date at Nhasang.

Location: 1717 Rue Poirier, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 1J4

Photos via Nhasang

Parfum de Perse

Nestled in Montreal’s historic Old Port, Parfum de Perse welcomes you to an enchanting Persian-inspired cafe, offering an ideal setting for your next coffee rendezvous. As a family-owned establishment, this café exudes charm with its captivating atmosphere, decorated with Persian rugs that infuse an inviting ambiance. 

While their delicious pastries and drinks are noteworthy, the highlight of this spot? Free board games! Embrace a competitive edge in your coffee date while enjoying their incredible menu items and reliving carefree moments of childhood fun. Stop by Parfum de Perse for an engaging experience that pairs great coffee with a playful spirit.

Location: 355 Pl. d’Youville, Montréal, QC H2Y 2B7

Photos via Parfum De Perse

Café Cosé

Stepping into this Vietnamese-inspired cafe, unveiled just this past summer, Café Cosé has become a quick favorite among Montrealers. Despite its cozy and compact space, the cafe’s welcoming ambiance, with a neutral interior, invites visitors to step inside and unwind. With an impressive array of excellent coffee and a delicious menu, it’s an ideal locale for your next coffee date. Known for its great coffee and vibes, this spot has earned its place as a must-visit in Montreal.

The menu, though minimal, offers amazing breakfast options that perfectly complement their range of beverages. Whether you’re a fan of regular lattes or crave a sip of their Vietnamese-inspired drinks, your visit to Café Cosé promises a delightful experience.

Location: 1883 Centre St, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1J1

Photos via Café Cosé

Pair these cafés with a great activity for the perfect date night!

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