Move, Connect and Grow at Super Soul Saturday

Enjoy the morning outside with a group of amazing people.

There isn’t anything worse than thinking about the end of summer; August flying past and just like that we’re almost at the end of the month. But what we love about September is that feeling of being able to start fresh, reset your goals and refocus on what you’re working towards. We’ll be the first to say that summer has its ways of being distracting with patio beers, weekend camping trips and hours of soaking up the sun. Even though we aren’t going back to school, those new year vibes are starting to roll in and we couldn’t be more excited to refresh our lives and get going with September.

We’ve put together an event that will help kickstart that feeling in the right way with movement, connection and reflection. Welcome to Super Soul Saturday.

On August 25, we’re teaming up with Junction 9, The Ace Class, Barre West we’re serving up three intentional activities: yoga x barre x meditation for an amazing day of mindfulness and a celebration of connection. The morning of movement will start with barre with Adriana Britton, followed by yoga with Stefanie Rizvi from Junction 9. You’ll get a taste of Limbus Movement before indulging in a delicious, healthy brunch from Beetroot Nutrition, Dirtbelly and Juice Because. You worked up a sweat, your body deserves a nutritious refuel. As you relax and revitalize, you’ll be hearing super soul tracks by femme fatal favourites provided by DJ SONIDEF.

You won’t want to miss the Limbus methodology demo. Limbus is a physical and emotional fitness class that challenges and shapes both the body and brain. This revolutionary workout blends emotional wellness and high-intensity movements through phases of connection, challenge, play and growth. Limbus empowers each tribe member to lean into discomfort and experience growth as a result. High-intensity exercise challenges the physical and mental blocks, while specific phraseology, breathwork and introspection challenge the emotional blocks as participants get clear on what matters to them. At Super Soul you can expect to leave feeling more open, curious and connected.

To round out the experience we have our favourite local vendors for you to shop during and after brunch. You’ll get the chance to browse Sweat Society, Nourish Sweat Soul and Tits by T. PlayCity will also be there to show you how to connect through play with like-minded people in Calgary even after you leave this event.

While you’re moving, meditating and connecting, take the time and space for yourself to reconnect with not only the people around you but your inner soul. Find your inspiration to start up that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about, or reach your fitness goals you started at the beginning of the year. The end of August is the perfect opportunity to continue to grow and evolve, and Super Soul Saturday is here to lift you up.

Did we mention you get a deal if you bring your bestie? For more info and to buy tickets, click HERE.

*Updated Venue to Commonwealth Bar & Stage 731 10 Avenue SW due to air quality conditions.


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