The Most Anticipated Movie Releases of 2024

We can't wait for these movie dates!
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As the calendar flips to a brand-new year, it’s time to gear up for a cinematic experience unlike any other! Get ready, movie buffs, because 2024 is unleashing a parade of blockbuster hits that cater to every cinematic taste. From spine-tingling thrillers to larger-than-life superheroes and nostalgic animated stories, this year’s movie lineup is a gold mine of diverse storytelling. But hold onto your seats, because alongside these eagerly anticipated standalone releases, some long-awaited sequels are set to grace the silver screen, promising to fulfill our desire to see our favourite characters have the ending they deserve. 

So, butter up that popcorn and mark your calendars because this year’s big-screen spectacles are destined to leave us in awe and captivate audiences worldwide! Movie dates are in this year and we’ve compiled a list of the ones we’re most excited for that should definitely be on your watch list!


Obviously the year had to start on the right foot with an epic title. On Wednesdays we wear pink, but on Fridays we watch movies…and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing this Friday, January 12 when the iconic Mean Girls makes its comeback to the big screen! This time with a lot more musical numbers and a whole new world of sass. We couldn’t be more excited for the new generation to experience the movie that we all know and love. Tina Fey is coming back, alongside an absolutely stacked cast, for a revamped version of Mean Girls

While Mean Girls definitely steals the show in January, some other amazing titles we’re looking forward to this month include: 

  • January 4: Night Swim (Horror) & Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia (Sport/Thriller)
  • January 12: The Beekeeper (Action/Thriller) & The Book of Clarence (Comedy/Drama)
  • January 19: The Tiger’s Apprentice (Animation/Adventure), Origin (Drama) & I.S.S (Thriller)
  • January 26: Miller’s Girl (Thriller/Comedy)


It wouldn’t be a good year for movies without a few new superheroes climbing their way to the top of your list. You might want to postpone your valentine’s day dinner plans, because Madame Web is making its premiere on February 14. Although this superhero is not officially part of the Marvel Universe, it is associated with Marvel, meaning the movie is not short of references and connections to the epic universe. Dakota Johnson makes her superhero debut as Madame Web and weaves her way into the spiderverse. Take a look into the future with this New York City paramedic and see just how great this movie will be! 

Superheroes will obviously hold a top spot in our movie showcase, but February is packed with so many other incredible titles like these ones:

  • February 2: Argylle (Action/Thriller), Fitting In (Comedy/Drama) & The Promised Land (Thriller/Drama)
  • February 9: It Ends With Us (Romance/Drama) & Lisa Frakenstein (Horror/Comedy)
  • February 14: Bob Marley: One Love (Musical/Drama)
  • February 16: Land of Bad (Action/Thriller)
  • February 23: Drive Away Dolls (Comedy/Thriller)


Since last year ended on such a sweet note with Timothée Chalamet claiming his position as one of the incredible Willy Wonkas, he had to make his 2024 appearance even better with Dune: Part Two. We don’t know about you, but a movie with Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler, Zendaya & Christopher Walken is one that we are not prepared to miss. We know you feel the same…so March 1 cancel your plans, because this amazing sci-fi is back for round 2. Based on the second half of the 1965 book, this film will dive deeper into the story, creating an impossible choice. Be honest, if you had to choose between the fate of the world and the love of your life, which one are you choosing?

Not into sci-fi movies? No worries, March is packed with so many other titles. Some of our anticipated one include:

  • March 8: Love Lies Bleeding (Romantic/Thriller) & Kung Fu Panda 4 (Comedy/Adventure)
  • March 22: The American Society of Magical Negroes (Comedy) & Arthur the King (Adventure/Action)
  • March 29: Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (Comedy) & Mickey 17 (Documentary)


If you were hoping for a calm year..sorry in advance! The two massive creatures who’s rivalry is worse than you and your ex are teaming up to save the planet. That’s right, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire releasing on April 12 is just the collab we needed to solidify 2024 as the best year. For once, destroying the city will be a team effort, rather than the urge to destroy each other. Now if these two can put aside their differences this year, the least you can do is clear your schedule to watch them in theatres.

Giant lizards and apes might not be your go to and we get that. That’s why we’re listing our other tops for April, like:

  • April 5: Housekeeping for Beginners (Drama)
  • April 26: Challengers (Romance) & Civil War (Action)


It looks like Ken found his mojo as he embraces the new role of Colt, the stuntman in The Fall Guy. Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt are the duo we’ve been missing on the big screen. From a simple stuntman to a real life hero, Gosling’s character needs to save his love’s movie and go beyond even the worst stunts he’s ever done. The Fall Guy releases on May 3 and all we have to say is: “if he wanted to he would”. Take notes from Ryan’s character, because this year we’re all stepping out of our comfort zones and going after what we want.

Apart from this great film, here are some others we can’t wait for in May:

  • May 10: Back to Black (Musical/Drama) & My Ex Friends Wedding (Comedy)
  • May 17: IF (Comedy) & The Strangers: Chapter 1 (Horror/Mystery)
  • May 24: Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (Action/Adventure), Garfield (Comedy) & Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (Action/Sci-Fi)


There’s truly no better way to kick off the summer than with a classic coming back for another round. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, partners and bad boys for life obviously had to make a reappearance this year. *Cue Bad Boys theme song* Get ready for June 14 because the boys are back with Bad Boys 4! This might be the last time we get to hear that incredible song in theatres, so you better not miss the chance to see these two back in action. Treat your dad to a movie a make a Father’s Day Weekend he won’t forget!

Not much can beat Bad Boys, but these do make it quite the close call in June:

  • June 7: The Watchers (Horror/Mystery) & Ballerina (Action/Thriller)
  • June 14: Inside Out 2 (Animation/Family)
  • June 21: The Bikeriders (Crime/Thriller)
  • June 28: A Quiet Place: Day One (Horror/Sci-Fi)


July poses a bit of a dilemma because how are we supposed to choose between Minions and Ryan Reynolds? That’s a choice we don’t want to have to make to be honest. It looks like this month might be the best one yet because not only are we getting Despicable Me 4 at the start of the month on July 3, we’re also getting Deadpool 3 at the end of the month on July 26. Both of these anticipated movies bring all the laughs with them and they just don’t miss. If only Deadpool and The Minions had some wild crossover… now that would be movie we’re first in line to watch!

These two powerhouses really steal the show in July, but another notable mention is:

  • July 19: Twisters (Thriller/Action)

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Everyone loves a good superhero, but as summer winds down, why not root for one of the coolest Villains? Kraven the Hunter, premiering August 30 is another Marvel related movie that is sure to get all the MCU fans excited. Like Madame Web, this story is not officially part of the Marvel Universe, but it is another addition to the Spiderverse. Focusing on the villain’s origin story, this villain is climbing off the pages for his own silver screen moment. If you’re looking for another reason to get hooked into the Marvel world (as if we needed another reason), then don’t miss Kraven the Hunter at the end of summer.

Villains are not everyone’s cup of tea, so here are some other noteworthy films coming in August:

  • August 2: Trap (Thriller)
  • August 9: Speak No Evil (Horror/Drama) & Borderlands (Action/Comedy)
  • August 14: Alien Romulus(Horror/Sci-Fi)


Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice…Beetle… This September, say his name 3 times and you’re in for a surprise. That’s right, Beetlejuice is coming back to terrorize people…what else is new? After 36 years, the ghost is finally having another moment to shine. Featuring some of the original cast, Beetlejuice 2 is just the nostalgia we needed to round off what will already be an incredible year for movies. As if the cast wasn’t great enough already, they’ve found the perfect addition, Jenna Ortega. With her being the star of the Netflix series Wednesday, she will fit into this movie seamless. So, if anyone else is as obsessed with the popular Netflix series as we were, then you’ll make sure to check out this film on September 6.

This creepy comedy, while a classic, is not the only great title premiering in September. Some others include:

  • September 20: Wolfs (Action/Thriller) & The Wild Robot (Animation/Family)

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Remember when everyone dressed up as the Joker and Harley Quinn for halloween a few years ago? Well, dust off those hair spray paints because it will definitely be happening again this year, following the release of Joker: Folie à Deux on October 4. This time the Joker is a bit different, as this sequel to the movie release in 2019 is a musical. It makes sense why Lady Gaga will be the new Harley Quinn. The Joker playing in a musical is not what we expected to come out of this year, but honestly, we’re not mad about it.

For everyone who is going to be enraged that the Joker will be singing alongside Harley Quinn, here is another October movie to check out:

  • October 18: Smile 2 (Horror/Thriller)
  • October 25: Wolf Man (Horror)


Are you a Broadway fan? Well, if you are, get excited because the classic witch is coming to theatres. Wicked Part 1 releasing on November 27, will feature such an incredible cast that it’s hard not to wish for the end of the year already. With actors like Cynthia Erivo, Jonathan Bailey & Ariana Grande, there is no place like the land of OZ. Focusing on the Witch’s story, we’ll get to see just how Wicked she could be when she has to fight for her homeland. Whether you’ve seen the Broadway Musical once or 10 times, this movie is sure to set the scene in a way unlike before.

November’s movie lineup is stacked full of great titles, so here are some more coming in this month:

  • November 8: The Amateur (Thriller/Drama) & Venom 3 (Sci-Fi/Action)
  • November 15: Alto Knights (Crime/Thriller) & Red One (Action/Adventure)
  • November 22: Gladiator 2 (Action/Adventure)


What better way to end off the year than with an all-time Disney favourite, reimagined; Mufasa: The Lion King coming December 20. Watch the story we all know and love, take on a new direction as this prequel explores Mufasa’s tale. Disney movies really make everything better and this one won’t be any different. We have high hopes for this live action musical to bring us right back to our childhood. By far the most exciting part of this new version will be seeing Seth Rogan and Billy Eichner take on the beloved characters, Pumbaa & Timon. Hakuna Matata viewers, this one is going to be good!

To further round off the year, some more titles we can’t wait for include:

  • December 13: The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim (Action/Fantasy)
  • December 20: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Action/Comedy)
  • December 25: Nosferatu (Horror/Drama)

This year is going to be one wild ride for the big screen and we don’t want miss a single minute of it! Keep an eye on those release dates, because these movies will definitely help make 2024 the best year.

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