This Newly Opened Market Near Edmonton is Perfect For an Afternoon Date

Have you ever considered going grocery shopping as a romantic date? Explore L'OCA Quality Market in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and change your mind!
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In the heart of Sherwood Park, Alberta, nestled near Edmonton, lies a hidden gem that promises an unparalleled experience for food enthusiasts and couples alike: L’OCA Quality Market.

This innovative concept has taken the local scene by storm, offering a fusion of culinary goodies, artisanal products, and a charming ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable date.

Charming and aesthetic

Step into L’OCA and be transported to a world of clean vibes and chic aesthetics. With its elegant arches and lofty ceilings, this hidden gem exudes romance from every corner.

Picture yourselves wandering hand in hand down the aisles, indulging in delectable treats while stealing secret glances. Romance level? Off the charts.

Foodie Paradise

Let’s talk about the food, shall we? L’OCA Quality Market is like stepping into a gourmet wonderland. Think farm-fresh veggies, artisanal cheeses, fresh pressed juices, and meats. Date idea: make it a challenge to find your new favourite cheese together!

Diverse Options

Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely brunch, a cozy lunch, or a romantic dinner, L’OCA has something to satisfy every craving. With a cafĂ©, pizzeria, two dine-in restaurants, and gourmet take-home meals, the possibilities are endless. Indulge in intimate Italian cuisine at Oro Trattoria or experience Canada’s largest indoor wood-fired grill at Pyro.

Local Love

One thing that totally stole my heart about L’OCA? Their commitment to supporting local artisans. It’s all about celebrating the best of Alberta’s food scene. They’ve set a goal to provide the most in house made options possible to their customers.

You can find L’OCA Quality Market located at 340 Baseline Road Sherwood Park.

Watch our visit here!

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