Nonni’s Online Cooking Classes for a Date Night at Home


Experience Assaggio shares a unique taste of Italian culture through online experiences that celebrate Nonni and help save traditions, offering the perfect date night with a meaningful purpose. Assaggio, meaning taste, captures and documents the passionate and quirky Nonni in a series of fun online cooking classes with pre-recorded videos that form a growing library of Italian traditions. It invites visitors to “pull-up a chair” via a monthly subscription to access the experiences and learn traditions from our featured Nonni, while supporting the mission and making our Nonni feel valued and appreciated.

Online Cooking Classes with Experience Assaggio

Experience Assaggio has a variety of online cooking classes so you can have a romantic Italian date night at home. All of the recipes are provided from different Nonni’s making these super special and authentic recipes. With recipes like Nonna Carmelina’s Sugo & Polpette, all the way to Nonna Lina’s Savoiardi (biscuits), there is so much to learn!

The Taste of Italy in your Home

So pick a recipe that speaks to you, hit the grocery store to grab your fresh ingredients, team up, and have a delicious date night at home that you can pair with some romantic music and a glass of vino! Experience Assaggio is here to help you cook even better than Nonna!

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Written by – Jenna Kaplan

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