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date night in

Our beautiful rainy weather here on the West Coast is in full swing, which means date nights will be moved indoors, with more snuggly and cozy setups. But just because we’re moving things indoors, doesn’t mean you need to give up on great dates. We rounded up some of our favourite recipes (food & beverages) from local BC foodies to have fun making at home for a date night in.

A Romantic Date Night In

A couple cooking in the kitchen

Start the night off by making cocktails with some local whiskey. We really like Mainland Whiskey and you can even pop by their tasting room to find your favourite.

Nothing says date night in like great music blasting though the speakers and dancing silly around the kitchen. If you’re feeling fancy with your whiskey sour, add a red wine float on your drink. You won’t be disappointed. 

Time For Starters

We love stopping by a local bakery on our way to our date night in. COBS Bread always has amazing pastries and baked goods, plus the smell walking in is amazing. Grab something savoury to the start the night off like a baguette and try it with cheese + your favourite jam. It will pair nicely with your whiskey sour. We love doing a baked brie and you can even continue the whiskey train by drizzling it on top of the wheel before baking it. You will not be disappointed. 

For The Main Attraction

In all honesty, we know at this point in the night you’ve ordered take out from the amazing place around the corner. We don’t blame you and support your decision for supporting a local business. If you ever need help finding a new spot to check out, we’ve got you covered in that department as well. We can’t wait to see what you order for dinner and don’t forget to tag us so we can share with our community on Instagram

A couple of favourites are @bishopsvancouver + @julesbistro + @tableaubarbistro + @baobei1

Dessert And
A Movie

Dessert means a lot of different things to different people. We like to think of our top choice as ooey gooey chocolate cake, homemade ice cream cookies or slutty cheese cake cookie bars. Yea you read that right, check out this post to make them yourself. We absolutely love these bars and think they would pair nicely with a great show to end the night. 

With so many streaming services out there, its hard to keep up with them all but here are our top picks for a few different ones.

  • Netflix – Money Heist
  • Crave – Fear Of Rain
  • Apple TV – The Morning Show
  • HayU – Vanderpump Rules
  • Disney+ – Black Widow
  • Prime – Schitts Creek

No matter what you do on your date night in, just make sure to have fun. Sometimes you’ll burn dinner, spill wine, or make a complete fool of yourself, and that is all okay. You’ll laugh about it later, we promise. Now go and create the best date possible! 

Feel like going out for date night instead? Check out our favourite things to do in October.


xoxo your date night specialists 

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