Win a $500 Pizza Party and Give Back to Your Community at Pi Co.

All you have to do is take an (easy) quiz and nominate an organization! It's a win-win.

[Sponsored by Pi Co Pizza]

Pi Co. is getting involved in educating everyone about the significance of Pi Day while shining a spotlight on local schools and organizations.

To celebrate the pizza-loving day, starting March 14 Pi Co. is doing something a little different that gives back to the community!

Pi Is The Answer

When you visit any of Pi Co. Pizza’s 26 locations across Ontario from March 14 – April 14, 2023 you can take a Pi-based quiz and nominate a school (or other organization of your choice) for a chance to win a Pi Co. sponsored Pizza Party valued at $314!

There will also be a grand prize for a $500 Pi Co. Gift card awarded to one lucky Pi Co. fan for participating in the Pi Is The Answer initiative!

Love this idea and want to nominate someone? The rules are simple: 

  1. Visit any Pi Co. Pizza location and order a Pi or salad
  2. Take a (very easy) Pi-based math quiz, and nominate an organization of your choice*
  3. Follow @pi_co_pizza on Instagram, show off your Pi Co order at the store you visited and math quiz in a post and tag them so they can see!

Pi Co. will be drawing 26 winners from across Canada, having each store location sponsor a different local organization, chosen by you!

*Note that nominees must be within 5 km of a Pi Co. Pizza location. Winners will be announced by April 28th, 2023. Every quiz is considered an entry regarding of the quiz score (right or wrong answers)

So let’s share a Pi and test your math skills at Pi Co! You never know, you may be the lucky winner of the $500 Pi Co. gift card and get to support your community at the same time.

Find all the Pi Co. locations here.

Make sure to get your entry in for Pi Is The Answer, then find even more awesome date ideas here.

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