You Could Win $500 to Pi Co. Pizza by Joining the Great Potato Debate!

Known for their innovative and customizable takes on Neapolitan pizza, Pi Co. is asking - do potatoes belong on pizza?

So you’ve heard of pineapples on pizza, which sparks a debate among Canadians like no other… but what about POTATOES on your pizza? Pi Co. is known for their innovative and customizable takes on Neapolitan style pizzas, and their latest creation is a savoury potato topping on their newest pizza creation: The Brighton.

Pi Co. is a long-time datenight favourite for pizza dates, and we love the quick service and plethora of toppings available for pizzas, salads, and desserts. We knew it wasn’t long before the Pi Co. team created a trendsetting, unique and delicious must-try pie.

What do you think? Let’s spark the debate!

Potato EH?

Run, don’t walk to try this golden pizza creation! Shining the spotlight on the potato, The Brighton Pizza comes with long thin slices of seasoned potato, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, garlic oil, olive oil, and sautéed onions.

You can also have the option to add bacon. The bacon does add a little more flavour but we love how Pi Co. is so flexible for those with meat-free diets or other restrictions.

The addition of having potatoes on pizza gives every bite this soft crunch texture with most of the flavour coming from the delicious truffle aioli sauce that you can add-on to drizzle all over! It’s basically like eating fries or a baked potato with it!

Grab one of their soft and chewy cookies too from SOS Treats along with a refreshing drink and enjoy this comforting meal.

Pi Co.’s giving you a chance to win, too!

Now that we’ve sparked the debate… do you think potatoes belong on pizza? We do!

Join the debate by trying this new Pi Co. menu item at one of their locations and share your thoughts on Instagram for a chance to win a $500 Pi Co. gift card! (That’s a LOT of pizzas you can get!) 

How to enter

  1. Visit any Pi Co. Pizza location and order the new signature potato pie (The Brighton), or craft your own pizza with the delicious potato topping
  2. Share a review on social media and tag Pi Co! This can be an Instagram story, Instagram photo or Reel post, Tweet, Facebook Post, or TikTok (use #picopizza).
  3. P.S. Feed posts on TikTok or Instagram get 10 extra entry points.
  4. It’s that easy – good luck! 

Pi Co. Pizza doesn’t just serve pizzas, they craft pizza creations! Once your creation is assembled, it’s fired up in a wood-fired oven, resulting in that perfect crispy crust and gooey cheese pull every single time.

Now with the introduction of their new potato topping, the possibilities have increased even more! So, join the debate and try it out for yourself.

[Sponsored by Pi Co. Pizza]

Did you know Pi Co. sells cookies in-store too? You can find SOS Treats in select Pi Co locations!

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