Pickle is the New Pineapple: 5 Pickle Pizzas in YYC

The pickle pizza is a food trend here to stay. Here are 5 places in YYC you can find this weird deliciousness.
pickle pizza

Just when you thought the biggest pizza divide would forever be pineapple, the pickle pizza came along, and is quite the big dill. It’s cheesy, tangy and just weird enough to make it delicious and addictive, making us big fans.

Let the pickle and pizza fans unite with this food trend that is here to stay, and check out these places right here in YYC to let your food fantasies come true.

1. Pizza Face YYC

Mike’s Big Pickle is probably the most well known and popular pickle pizza in Calgary, and for a good reason. Garlic cream, crunchy dill pickles, mozzarella and fresh dill make this pizza the beloved must-try it is.

2. The Mash

Name a better combo than pizza and beer – we’ll wait. The Mash uses upcycled spent grain from the brewing process at Half Hitch Brewing. And, good news – it’s good for you! The spent grains actually are high in fibre, protein and phenolic compounds, read more here! Their pickle pizza is their delish spelt grain crust, garlic butter, pickles and crispy bacon – then more pickles, herbs and a drizzle of honey. YAS. 

3. Side Street Kensington

A chill pub in Kensington with amazing daily specials and screens to watch the game. Their take on the pickle pizza has pickles, bacon and ranch – I mean how could you not order this up and then definitely not share with a single soul?

4. The Rooftop

The new patio venue downtown was long awaited and for a good reason – the bumpin’ vibes, the drinks that don’t stop pouring, and the food. Most definitely including the pickle pizza, keeping it simple and delish with dill pickles, mozza, olive oil and fresh dill. 

5. Pink Door Pizza

From our friends who brought us The Beltliner and Starbelly comes Pink Door Pizza. Come for the classics and stay for the quirky flavours, including, you guessed it – The “Pickle My Fancy”. This one’s fresh, different and has a little bit of pickled everything, including dill pickles, pickled fennel, pickled fresno chile, fresh dill, garlic butter, cheddar, mozzarella and…chipotle aioli. On our way.

Whether you’ve slept on this hot new food trend or have been here for it since it first popped up – here are 5 yummy pies to sample and savour, or say you did and never do it again. 

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