Plan your Next Date Night at Chakalaka

They just launched their 2021 fall menu and here's what to order.

Chakalaka opened up in 2020 and despite opening during a pandemic, has consistently WOWed us with new exciting experiences, making it an amazing 17th ave location for any occasion. From an anniversary date, to a ladies night out, casual after-dinner drinks and everything in between, Chakalaka truly has an experience for any occasion, and the perfect atmosphere to encourage good times. 

They recently just launched their fall 2021 menu, and we had the pleasure of a delightful tasting experience. They transitioned from a casual tapas menu to incorporate some more hearty fall entrees, and let us be the first to tell you – they did not disappoint.

We tasted some cocktails, some appetizers and a few entrees and are here to share our experience so you can plan your Chakalaka meal and order with confidence, knowing the following menu items have been trialed by yours truly – your trusted datenight guides. 

Let's start with a drink...

The perfect start to an evening at Chakalaka, is most definitely found on their cocktail menu. Their new fall + winter inspired cocktail menu nods to famous worldwide mountains, such as The Fuji and The Kilimanjaro, two of the cocktail creations that we had the pleasure of tasting.

The Bernie Fashioned, their house Old Fashioned is an experiential must try- just wait until the smoke show arrives at the table. 

Each drink is thoughtfully created and provides it’s own experience with the details – down to the branded ice cubes and adorable ceramic elephant glasses. 

Next up, Ceviche

If you are craving an appetizer that is equally flavourful, crunchy, savoury – the Chakalaka Ceviche is the one for you!

This ceviche features lime-cured shrimp, a zesty pico de gallo and avocado. The added lime wedge added an extra level of tang that brought out the flavours of the shrimp, the pico and a bit of a smokey flavour, while the saltiness of the crunchy corn tortilla chips cut through some of the acidity to help balance out all the flavours. 

If you are a fan of shrimp, bright flavours and crave a crunch, the ceviche will be a pleasant surprise for your tastebuds. 

It's getting hot in here 🔥

Sit back and watch your eyebrows on this one – because not only does this one involve a show with the bright, tall flames, but it also involves the two best food groups – crusty bread and melted cheese. 

Inspired by the traditional Greek dish, Saganaki, The Flaming Cheese comes to your table in a hot cast iron pan, and is doused in a high-proof liquor and set on fire right in front of your eyes. Then, you have the pleasure of dipping the deliciously crusty, buttery and herbed baguette in the stretchy, melty cheese. 

Need we say more?

Let's taco 'bout it...

After tasting these crispy, zingy and extra flavourful shrimp tacos, you will have a hard time believing you are not sitting poolside in the tropics but perhaps mid-blizzard on 17th ave. 

The fresh corn tortilla, battered shrimp and shredded slaw definitely bring some elevated flavours to this delicious dish, but the chipotle mayo adds an extra level of spice and smokiness that will have you fighting over the third taco with your date. 

If you end up in a lover’s quarrel over your date not wanting to share the last taco – you’ve been warned.

Bun in a million!

Calling all burger lovers!

This is a must-try for anyone working through the list of burgers to try in YYC, especially since it is the Chakalaka owner (Ronnie Mupambwa‘s) favourite dish on the menu!

This smokey, cheesy and BIG Chaka burger features a black brioche bun, ground wagyu beef, dill pickles, caramelized onions, garlic confit mayo and the classic lettuce, tomato and onion fixings make it the perfect choice for anyone who just needs a good burger.

We’ve all been there and this one won’t disappoint. And do not skip the fries – They are sooo delightfully crispy and…great, now I’m craving these fries again.

Next time you’re planning your date night, do not sleep on Chakalaka. Each dish and drink creation are thoughtful and elevated, and with all the details (smoke, fire or otherwise) incorporated, it keeps you on your toes and excited for the next experience that may arrive at your table. 


Ready to book your date night and let Chakalaka knock your socks off? Click here to make your reservation!



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