Register for Summer Leagues With the Calgary Sport & Social Club

Text your pals and see which sport strikes your fancy this season.

Summer is trying to make an appearance here Calgary, it’s just taking a little longer than we’d like. After all, this pendulum-style weather is normal for these parts of Alberta; however, it doesn’t make waiting for that summer sun any easier. Regardless of the rain or shine, snow or sleet, the Calgary Sport and Social Club (CSSC) is ready to launch into their Summer League.

The CSSC kicked off in Calgary over twenty years ago, bringing together amateur, sportsmanlike athletes from across the city. No matter your age, height, weight, gender or sport of preference, the CSSC welcomes people from all walks of like to engage in friendly competitive and non-competitive games, matches, tournaments and leagues throughout all months of the year. Whether you want to commit to one day or several months, there are countless sports for you to choose from, playing on a team or flying solo. With over 4,500 teams participating in CSSC sports each year, you could say that this is a popular pastime for local Calgarians.  

Summer League registration opens on May 8 – the earlier you sign-up, the more money you save. Soccer, kickball, slo-pitch, spikeball, flag football – the options are endless! Text your pals and see which sport strikes your fancy this season. With early bird deadlines coming up soon, you might as well just sign-up now so it’s off your plate. Here are the dates you need to know for Summer League 2019:

  • Registration Opens: May 8
  • Early Bird Deadline: May 14
  • Registration Deadline: June 19
  • Season Start: July 5

Learn more about summer sports here!

Now we hear a lot of people say “I suck at sports” or “you don’t want to see me throw a dodgeball;” this is your time to shine! Recreational sports are all about learning the rules and having fun while playing the game and meeting new people. With multiple skill levels available in all sports, there’s truly something here for everyone. Competitive or not, the CSSC promotes a ‘fun-first, winning-second’ attitude that keeps games light and fun throughout the year.  

And the best part? You don’t have to do it alone! Sign-up with a friend, five friends or on your own and the CSSC will pair you up with a group of individuals at your skill level who also entered in solo. There are over 650 ‘individuals’ playing in their leagues this season so you’ll be in good company.

Now, if you’re thinking that a whole season sounds like a bit much this time around, check out their tournaments and drop-in options. For tournaments, choose from beach volleyball, yard games and slo-pitch to keep you on your toes. Perhaps you’re craving the sand beneath your feet early this spring – drop-in and use the beach volleyball courts on Friday evenings starting May 24 for only $10/person (all proceeds donated to charity).

If you’re not ready to commit just yet, no problem. You have until June 19 to register for summer league. However, those early bird savings will only last for another week – just saying. Why not stay healthy and save money at the same time?

Re-gi-ster, re-gi-ster, re-gi-ster: CSSC Summer League Sports.

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