Scout Local is the Banff Startup with a Big Appetite

Introducing Scout Local - a new restaurant navigator web app launching this summer in Calgary and Banff.

As Alberta reopens, the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses warns that one out of six restaurants are still at risk of closing. Two Calgary entrepreneurs are determined to help alleviate that pressure by connecting local foodies with Alberta’s dining hotspots.

Introducing Scout Local – a new restaurant navigator web app launching this summer in Calgary and Banff.

Scout Local aims to connect Calgarians and travellers in the Bow Valley and Calgary area with unique, locally-owned restaurants. By excluding large chains and multinational franchises from the web app, customers can dine with the confidence that every dollar spent supports family-owned businesses.

Scout Local adds value to a market where independent restaurants might not have the marketing budget to compete!

The process is easy: local restaurant owners upload their business to Scout’s online map and gain a new channel of visibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. After launching the initial web app, Scout will enhance its advertising features available to restaurants, including the promotion of happy hours, daily specials and events. Alberta’s go-to source for the best cuisine at the best prices will be at your fingertips, promoting only locally-owned businesses.

The Story Behind Scout

Scout Local is the brainchild of homegrown Albertans and childhood friends Megan Rudneski and Olivia Garland. As a flight attendant, Megan wanted an easier way to find unique, local restaurants during her layovers; 40,000 feet in the air, the idea for Scout was born.  

“I spent the majority of my twenties living abroad in Europe, Australia and New Zealand,” said co-founder Megan. “I’ve travelled to twenty-seven countries and have found that the best dining experiences come from the family-run, small restaurants that promote unique recipes.” 

Joining the team in 2020 after travelling around the world, cofounder Olivia shares Megan’s love for the distinct culture cultivated by local restaurants. “I put myself through university working in the hospitality industry” says Olivia. “I got to see first hand the culture and community created around small, independent restaurants and I want others to experience it too.” 

Both Megan and Olivia believe supporting local business is the key to vibrant communities, adding, “The pandemic was devastating for so many restaurants and we just wanted to help.”

The Scout Experience

Finding and supporting local restaurants will be easier than ever on Scout Local. No more sifting through food blogs, reviews and paids ads to find those unique gems. With Scout Local, read real reviews by customers and find menus within seconds. Rest assured that no matter the cuisine, distance, radius or budget filter you set, every restaurant is locally owned. 

Now is the time to support Calgary’s local restaurants. With Scout Local, convenience is at your fingertips. If you’re searching for the next new place to go, hop on the Scout Local web app to skip the chains and dine local this summer!

Scout Local is an app designed to help you find the best new local restaurants for your date night
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