Seeking Shelter; Calgary’s Most Intimate Cocktail Bar

The cocktail bar only promises one thing: an intimate, fallout experience.
Gas Masks

It’s Thursday afternoon and you’re sitting at work brainstorming where you should go on Friday night. You’ve already been to all the usual spots where your friends gravitate too but you want something more exciting, something more intimate. Seek refuge from the outside world and bunker down in Shelter; arguably Calgary’s coolest cocktail bar. The private alcove offers a selection of delicately crafted cocktails, handpicked wines, and a variety of tasting items including an “Aperitivo Hour” that runs from 5pm to 7pm each day offering guests an inexpensive way to explore Aperitifs before dining.


The space is elegantly designed for small groups and parties, making for the perfect evening with your closest friends. It has a distinctly European feeling, quite unlike any other space in Calgary. The cocktail bar only promises one thing: “an intimate, fallout experience.” We’ve compiled a list of four reasons why you need to check out Shelter this summer:

You’re Looking for a Unique Date Spot

Look impressive on your first date when you pick Shelter. This hidden gem is so chic and cool, you’ll automatically win points with your date. Plus the decor, drink + food names and vibe make for great conversation starters. Once you’re sitting, you can admire the standout design pieces including an artfully decorated wall of gas masks and a mind blowing light fixture featuring over 5,000 individually hung bulbs.

You’re Planning a Party

Shelter is one of the most intimate, versatile event spaces in Calgary, and the most memorable events begin in a unique venue. Your guests can escape the bustle of downtown and enjoy the rich upholstery, soft lighting, and relaxed vibe. Cheers to your comrades and colleagues.

You Love Trying New Cocktails

The drink list at the cocktail bar blends unconventional ingredients, modern spins on classic concoctions, and entirely unique mixes developed on the spot to suit your drink preferences. The specialized and creative cocktail list is designed to amuse your senses and intrigue the mind; like we said, this is not your average bar. If you’re feeling something different, the talented bartenders will develop a customized cocktail for you based on your palette. Pick your base spirit, flavours, and even glass type and prepare to be impressed!

You’re Looking for a New Patio

Just when you thought Shelter couldn’t get any cooler, you find out they have a small, cute patio that gets sunlight all evening long. Sounds dreamy, right? Get your girls together or bring bae for an evening of carefully crafted libations, tasty bites, and an intimate, relaxing night.



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