Enjoy Free Snacks at David Rocco Bar Aperitivo’s Select Spritz Happy Hour Until July 16!

Plan the ultimate Italian-inspired date night with the original Venetian Spritz
select spritz happy hour at david rocco bar aperitivo

Plan the ultimate Italian-inspired date night with Select Spritz Happy Hour at David Rocco Bar Aperitivo!

Indulge in a taste of Venetian tradition right here in Toronto with the Select Spritz, also known as the original Venetian Spritz; and what better way to complement a refreshing Spritz than with Italian snacks to nibble on? These delectable bite-sized treats are integral to Venetian tradition and the ideal accompaniment to your Spritz experience.

From 3 pm to 6 pm on Monday July 10th to Sunday July 16th, check out David Rocco Bar Aperitivo (95 Cumberland St, Toronto) for an unforgettable happy hour experience that gives you a complimentary snack when you order a Select Spritz. Now how’s that for an Italian-inspired date idea?

All about Select

At the heart of this classic cocktail lies Select Aperitivo, born in Venice in 1920. With its refined aromatic profile and balanced bittersweet taste, Select is the essential ingredient for the Original Venetian Spritz. 

As far back as the 1800s, soldiers of the Habsburg Empire in Veneto would “spray” the local white wine with sparkling water to reduce its alcohol content, hence the name Spritz. Over time, the aperitif ritual took hold in Venetian Bacaro, and the Spritz became a beloved part of these joyous gatherings. In the 1970s, the Venetian Spritz as we know it today emerged, with the addition of bitter, specifically Select.

Immerse yourself in the sensory analysis of Select Spritz: an intense, bright ruby red colour with orange hues, a robust aroma boasting essential oils, citrus, and fresh balsamic notes of juniper distillate, eucalyptus, and menthol.

Upon tasting, you’ll be greeted with an intense, rich flavour profile, mainly bitter with spiced and tropical aromas that seamlessly blend with the citrus notes. The pleasant, lingering aftertaste is filled with fresh, lively citrus oils.

Bring the Select Spritz home with you

For an unforgettable date night, check out the special happy hour at David Rocco, or, recreate the Select Spritz in the comfort of your own home!

Combine three parts Prosecco, two parts Select, and a splash of soda water. Pour over ice in a wine glass. Garnish with green olive, and savour the delightful flavours that come together in perfect harmony.

See their recipe cocktails here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Venetian culture and enjoy a memorable date night out in Toronto. Salute!

[Sponsored by Select Spritz]

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