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The past couple years have been tough. With COVID-19 restricting our ability to travel and visit with loved ones, staying connected has never felt more important. Most of us have loved ones near and far, and we have had to get seriously creative with finding ways to stay connected and show our appreciation for our people. Luckily, we are in the age of technology where connectivity is more accessible than ever, and you can chat to most loved ones with just a tap on a screen, but for anyone who is having a bad day, month or even year – FaceTime can get old quick and leave you longing for a hug from your far away people. This is where wrapology comes in. To spread some sweetness (and candy-shaped hugs), far and wide.

The Sweet Beginning

The world definitely needs some cheering up these days, and that is what Jennifer O’Connor, the founder of wrapology is so passionate about. Making the world a little bit better, one delightfully colourful candy box (and subsequent smile) at a time. What started out as a desire to create spectacular experiences for her children’s birthdays, expanded to friends, family and eventually charity events, but for her, it always came back to the dessert table. She would be asked time and time again to create some amazing dessert displays, and was always inspired by the smiles on people’s faces, taking it all in.

So, wrapology was born as a way to celebrate the art of gifting, and spreading sugar-induced joy! started it’s journey in Halifax and has recently moved headquarters to Calgary, but since they are able to ship anywhere, they are accessible to our Canada-wide datenighters, and seriously – these treats are truly the perfect gift for any occasion.

Jenn is adamant about building a community of candy-loving, gift-giving sweeties far and wide, and is the heart and soul of wrapology. Each Tuesday, she has committed to a fun Instagram live series called, “Taste-Test Tuesday” where she brings on her own friends and family to taste some delicious -and sometimes wacky- candy. The series embodies the brand as whole – fun, delicious, creative, and will most definitely make you smile.

Check out our appearance on Taste Test Tuesday!

The Sweet Treat Deets

Jenn curates her treat boxes from candy and treats from around the globe. Each box is thoughtfully designed, from the tastes and textures of the treats and candies, to the colours and shapes that complement each other. Each box tells a story, helping you choose the perfect gift for your occasion.

Whether you are ordering just one to cheer up a friend going through a hard time, a few to say thank you to teachers or nurses, or even a dozen to celebrate a particular season or holiday with loved ones, wrapology has you covered to spread some sweetness – smiles guaranteed.

Click here to check out all of the curated candy boxes, or to connect with Jenn for some custom curated creations!

The Bestie

Since our recent giveaway collaboration with was inspired by our long-distance friendships, Jenn put together a custom candy box “the bestie” – the perfect treat to send to your best friend to say thank you, I love you, or just remind them you are thinking of them, whether you are across the continent or across the street! is currently offering 15% off the bestie box, with the code: bestie15

So when you order a treat for a loved one, sure you are sending candy, but really, you are sending a big sweet hug and a smile, and delicious proof that you are thinking of them. Click here to send someone a sweet treat right now!

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