Settling Down in Belmont

Find the perfect home for your life.
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Reaching new milestones in our lives is very exciting and as we get older it’s usually our living spaces that are monuments of our growth. Whether it’s moving out of your rented apartment, moving to a new city or needing to expand your home for a growing family, finding the perfect home to fit your life is important.

So where is Belmont? It’s off of MacLeod trail near Silverado. You’re steps from nearby amenities like the Shawnessy Village Shopping Centre so you don’t have to venture far to get everything you need for fun, food and entertainment. Anthem United is a real estate developer that builds the perfect, livable space to meet all your needs.

If you’re looking to buy your first home, are growing your family or are new to Calgary, Belmont is the perfect community to settle into. It’s a fun, family-friendly community with space to grow and play. Although you might not be able to walk to your favourite restaurant on 17th Ave or hop over to Stephen Ave, being away from downtown is great for growing families. If you already own a home but are looking for a house that can grow with you and your family, Belmont has the perfect space for you. Belmont will be home to a future LRT train stop which will allow you to take the train downtown for a girls night out or to head to the Flames game.

If you’ve been thinking about moving to South Calgary or just want to check out what’s up and coming in YYC, Belmont is having a grand opening celebration on April 28. This is the perfect chance for you and bae to come down and check out what the community has to offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amenities offered, the dynamics of the community and the green space. Belmont’s proximity to established schools, churches, retail shopping and transportation means your new home extends well beyond your front door. The future rec centre is the perfect place for your kids as they grow up. Belmont is all about connecting with your community and building relationships with your neighbours.

We want our community to grow with you. If you and your partner already live down South but want to buy your first house, Belmont allows you to stay close to home but settle into a newer area with a home that you can grow with.

Anthem United has assembled an all-star cast of home builders with a focus on quality, variety and customer service. You’ll be able to walk through the twelve showhomes and explore the area that is Belmont. When you fall in love with the community, building a home in Belmont will allow you to find the perfect home. Finding the right size to fit your budget is possible in the blooming community.

Join us on April 28 as we explore the new community of Belmont at the grand opening, featuring food trucks, an AMP radio tent, and lots of other family-friendly activities. Bring your friends and family and come enjoy the sunshine! For more information, visit their website.



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