Shield to Field is Brewing a New Date Night Experience

Shield to Field Brewing Co. is providing a fresh take on date night out! A beer-lover's version of a paint and sip evening - less paintbrushes. And LOTS more beer.

Shield to Field Brewing Co. is providing a fresh take on date night out! Although the traditional dinner and a movie date is tried and true, we want to introduce you to an exciting new date night experience that involves a TON of beer. A beer-lover’s version of a paint and sip evening – less paintbrushes. And lots more beer.

As we start planning our date nights outside of the house again, it is important to continue to try new things, and as always – support our local businesses!

The Experience

The Intro to Brewing experience with Shield to Field includes 2 sessions to learn the entire brewing process. From the grain mashing all the way to the canning and label design, YOU are the brewmaster. Not only is it a completely hands on experience, but you will also leave with enough of your master creation to fuel some summer barbecue fun and inspire future brews!

Classes are limited in sizes to ensure a VIP hands-on and educational experience, and is structured for parties of 2 to make it the perfect beer-lover’s date night. When it comes to brewing, you will get to choose from 10 different recipes varying in beer styles and flavours. Once you have chosen your recipe, you will measure and mill the grains, hops, ingredients and get to brewing!

Create Brew-tiful Memories

The Shield to Field team will then take care of your masterpiece for the next 2 weeks as it ferments and works its magic. When you return for your second session, you will get to sample your beer creation! Once you have tasted your sweet masterpiece, you will complete the brewing process by filling and seaming your cans, and of course – decorating them with custom labels!

With your labels, the key is to have a little fun with it – pay homage to your favourite movie or band, your beloved pet, favourite family member, or just use it as an opportunity to show off your sense of humour.

The best part: You will get to take home about 18L of your beer, which works out to about 4-dozen cans!

The brewing experience with Shield to Field is the perfect way to try something new for your next date night. Your take-home stash will be sure to remind you of your date night fun for at least a little while, depending on how much you share (or don’t!). Who knows – maybe brewing your own beer will turn into your next hobby!

To book your next BREW-tiful date night, click here!

Making your own custom beer is the perfect date night activity with Shield to Field

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