Embracing Solo Dates This Winter Season: Where to Go to Meet New People


Is the winter chill setting in or on its way out? However confusing winter has become in Canada, no matter where you are there always seems to be a lull in social calendars around this time. Blame it on the temperatures, unpredictable snow and rain, or the complications of bundling up in coats to leave the house,.

Mix all that in with the intense temptation to hibernate indoors and put your dating life on hold, and you have a serious rut! Just because the frosty season is here, doesn’t have to mean a freeze on your social life too.

If you’ve lost inspiration and motivation, we wanted to inject some ideas back into your life with opportunities to meet new people and kindle romantic connections.

Go to a Local Coffee Shop

As the winter weather settles in the city, local coffee shops become more inviting for both warmth and connection. Among the freshly brewed aroma of coffee and the soft hum of conversation, striking up a chat with a fellow coffee enthusiast can lead to unexpected encounters and potential romantic sparks. Whether it’s over a steaming cup of hot cocoa or a perfectly crafted latte, the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop sets the stage for unexpected meetings and the start of something special.

Visit Your Local Bookstore

Escape the winter chill and immerse yourself in the warmth of your local bookstore, where the scent of books flow around you. Strike up a conversation with a bookworm browsing the same shelf or attending a cozy reading event. Whether you bond over a shared favourite author or exchange recommendations, the bookstore provides the perfect setting to spark a new connection.

Volunteer Work

Winter volunteer opportunities offer a heartwarming chance to not only give back to the community but also to meet new people with shared interests. Whether you’re serving warm meals at a soup kitchen, organizing a charity coat drive, or participating in a holiday gift-wrapping event, you’ll find yourself surrounded by compassionate individuals who are also looking to make a difference. These altruistic settings provide a natural and meaningful way to connect with others while spreading joy during the cold season.

Join an Indoor Sports Team

Break the ice and consider joining an indoor sports team! Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, or even indoor soccer, these sports activities offer a fun and active way to connect with other athletic individuals. You’ll not only get to enjoy the thrill of competition but also have the chance to socialize and bond with your teammates off the court. Who knows? Your next romantic match might just be waiting for you on the sidelines.

Work Out at the Gym

The gym has become a hot spot for meeting new people in the winter with the same fitness goals! While breaking a sweat on the treadmill or lifting weights, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with someone who catches your eye. (Some may give off the vibe that they don’t want to be bothered while working out so choose a right time!) Group fitness classes offer a perfect opportunity to bond over shared fitness interests. Plus, the winter season often motivates individuals to prioritize health and wellness, making the gym an ideal setting to mingle and meet someone special.

Grab Drinks at a Local Bar

Winter nights may be chilly, but the atmosphere inside bars is always warm. Grabbing drinks provides the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone new while mingling at the bar. From sharing a laugh over seasonal cocktails to bonding over a love for mulled wine, the relaxed ambiance of a bar in winter sets the stage for meaningful connections. Bundle up and head out to your favourite local bar – who knows, you might just meet your next winter romance over a glass of something delicious.

Before You Catch Your Flight at the Airport

Don’t worry if you’re not a huge fan of winter! A lot of people feel the same and just want to book a flight and fly to somewhere warm and tropical. If you see someone interesting at the airport, don’t be shy to make conversation with another traveler while waiting for your flight, share travel tips, or bond over a shared destination. Whether it’s over a cup of hot cocoa at a café or browsing through duty-free souvenirs at a gift shop, the airport becomes a gateway not just to new destinations, but also to potential romantic connections!

Not feeling the dating pool in your city and want to travel to discover new people? Here are some popular travel spots for inspiration!

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