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Tired of mindlessly swiping right? Of vague, lacklustre dating profiles and dead-end conversations? 2020 has majorly leveled up our craving for authentic connection and our creativity when it comes to dating. Spark dating app is here to help you express yourself to the fullest and light up your love life in ways no app has ever done before! 

Spark is designed for you — for your diverse interests, preferences, style and of course, the type of relationship YOU want. Whether you’re searching for a long-term commitment, fora companion to chit-chat with or to break tradition by living and loving on your own terms, Spark has you covered. This is a dating app that lets your individual personality shine so you can find the most fulfilling connection for your needs. 

What makes Spark stand out? 

In true Spark spirit, this app hosts an array of engaging, experiential features that facilitate fun and valuable interactions with your potential plus ones: 


Become Spark “Framous” by customizing your profile frame. The app offers a fabulous selection of fun filters, witty stickers and even games that can provide insight into someone’s personality. New frames are continuously added to keep your profile fresh and fierce, meaning you won’t get caught in a swiping spiral of identical profile after identical profile. 

Quiz Screens 

During your profile creation, Spark will ask you a series of questions about your favourite things. You will be asked to select three images from their photo library that represent your answers. 

From there, when a romantic interest messages you, a grid of nine images will pop up that contains your top three picks. Your potential date is then asked to guess your three favourite items. If they’re correct, direct messaging is enabled. If not, they can send a wave until you decide to message back. 

To help other users guess right, you can express yourself loud and proud in your bio with greater detail than the typical three-four lines you usually see on other apps. The approach is all about being your genuine self to find those real, grounded connections with people you’re truly compatible with. 

Change My Mind 

Ok everyone, this feature is seriously cool. This video chat feature challenges users to argue their answer to a controversial yet fun topic — like if pineapple really belongs on pizza. You’ll be encouraged to upload a quick 20 second video stating your case and others can respond with a rebuttal, which is only visible to the owner of the original post. This is a majorly fun, flirty way to show off your personality and have some flirty back-and-forth banter with other users — it definitely offers more than just a static, written bio! 

Spark dating app is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for a way to ignite your dating game. It’s interactive, experiential and self-expressive online dating designed to forge authentic connections, meaningful conversations and great memories. 

Click here to learn all about Spark dating app and make sure to follow them on Instagram at! You can also follow the hashtag #FeelTheSpark and #LOLYouStillSwipe to see the Spark adventures users are up to. Don’t forget to use those tags in your own Spark photos! We can’t wait to see — have fun feeling that Spark! 


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