Squad Up for Fall Sports

Get ready for some Fall fun with CSSC.

As you’re hanging out on the patio and drinking ice cold sangria, you’re not looking ahead to the Fall just yet. How can you when the summer is just getting started and your tan is not nearly dark enough to think about what the colder weather will bring. We get it. But just for a second, think about what you’re going to do this Fall when you go through the annual reset and restart on your goals, fitness, health and general life. We would argue that September is almost like a second New Years. It’s the perfect time to reevaluate your life and start something new.

What if we told you that you could sign up for something new that would bring the socialization of the summer and combine it with living a healthy lifestyle? Between sips of sangria, think about how fun it would be to get your squad together for a team to compete in your favourite sport? Whether it’s volleyball, basketball, dodgeball or floor hockey, Calgary Sport and Social Club has over 15 sports for you to choose from. If you’re captain, find yourself a co-captain and get your team ready for the Fall league. And it’s not just for your girls, bring the boys to the yard and put together a beast co-ed team. It’s all about fun and community and not about winning but hey, we’re all into getting a couple W’s here and there.

How it works is you get together a team or register as an individual and get put onto a team. It’s like Bumble or Bumble BFF but in real life. If you head in solo, you’re guaranteed to meet some pretty cool people. As a league player, you can choose the sport you want to play and the day of the week that works best for you. There are also over 25 tournaments to choose from in a variety of sports each year. That’s the sport part.

For the social part, the CSSC has several Sponsor Bars that you can head to after your game to bond with your team and meet up with other teams. It’s all a part of the friendly competition – competitive on the court, friendly over drinks.

If you’re not looking for a full season of commitment, you can always just sign up for tournaments that work with your schedule. This way you can try out a ton of different sports without feeling bad if you ghost the ones you’re not really into. There are over 25 tournaments a year. Some of the tournaments include bowling, dodgeball and curling – whatever you’re into. You don’t already have to be a CSSC member to join because everyone is welcome. All tournaments run over the weekends, usually Saturdays, and often feature on-site beer gardens, additional games/activities, skills competitions and theme parties. Life is about balance right? Play the tournament, drink the beer.

Sign up your team or as an individual to get ready for some Fall fun and then get back to sipping on that sangria and soaking up the summer sun. Fall registration is open now and will close at the end of August. Register HERE.

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