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Sure, we may be at the tail end of the hockey season, but that doesn't mean there aren't any more exciting sports to watch.

Sure, we may be at the tail end of the hockey season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more sports to watch. Calgary is packed with talented athletic teams just waiting for your support to cheer them on throughout their season. Diversify your sporting experience this spring and check out some of these other Calgary sports teams!

Lacrosse – Calgary Roughnecks

Another reason to visit the Scotiabank Saddledome – check out the Calgary Roughnecks for an experience of a lifetime. With three home games left this season, enjoy the classic Dome experience as you cheer, yell, boo and chant with hundreds of other Roughnecks fans. Visit their website for tickets and the Roughnecks 2018-2019 schedule for an affordable, fun night out! #ComeForTheParty

Baseball – Calgary Dinos

If you’ve been around Calgary long enough, you may remember our minor baseball team called the Calgary Cannons. After 18 years of Calgary baseball, the team relocated to Albuquerque to continue playing, leaving Calgary without a baseball team to get behind. If you’re a baseball fan and you’re missing the good ol’ stadium popcorn and hot dog scene, check out some of the up-and-coming players on the University of Calgary Dinos team this season. It’s the perfect excuse to soak up the sun with a  beer in hand while cheering on your local aspiring athletes.

Hockey – Calgary Flames

Lucky for you, there is still time to catch a few Calgary Flames regulation games before the playoffs start. Visit their website for single, group, VIP tickets or box seats to the next game! If you’re willing to pay the big bucks, join the C of Red in cheering our boys on as they fight once again for their chance at the Stanley Cup this April – Go Flames Go!

Football – Calgary Stampeders

Once both the Roughnecks and the Flames dominate their seasons, it’ll be the perfect time to throw around the ol’ pigskin. Get into the football spirit as the Calgary Stampeders take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders Friday, May 31 at McMahon Stadium for their first preseason game. For the Stampeders full schedule and information on buying tickets, visit their website here.


With all of these sporting options, you may think we’ve hit them all. However, throughout the year there are plenty of other sporting events to attend at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal, like Pack the Jack and the infamous battle of the Crowchild Classic.

Has all this talk of sports convinced you to get involved in your own sporting events?

Contact the Calgary Sport & Social Club, an organization aimed at helping adults get involved in recreational games. Perhaps you want to try your hand at rock climbing – this trend has popped up all around the city in the last few years, attracting people of all ages and skill levels. Check out the new Calgary Climbing Centre and see what level you can master!

Whether you’re feeling sporty or you just want to sit back and watch the professionals do it, support your local sports teams this season by catching a game or two with your pals!

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