Take This Canadian Psychedelic Survey For A Chance To Win 1 of 3 $500 Amazon Gift Card


As the Western world once again awakens to the healing promise of psychedelic medicines, a few are braving the forefront of the third wave. SABI Mind is one of the few. With a focus on the artful mending of mental health through psychedelic-assisted therapies, SABI will open its doors in early February 2022.


The Calgary Healing Centre, SABI’s first, treats chronic pain, treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and other mental health conditions using the latest evidence-based, safe and accessible ketamine therapies. 

While they prepare to welcome clients seeking new ways of healing, SABI’s contribution to the science of psychedelics precedes them. A group of investigators led by Philippe Lucas Ph.D. (SABI Mind) has created the Canadian Psychedelic Survey (CPS), the most comprehensive assessment of National psychedelic use to date. The study will provide a granular view of the psychedelic use amongst adult Canadians ranging from recreational, medical, macro, and micro use patterns.

The launch of CPS is an opportunity for Canadians to participate in a historical collection of lived psychedelic experiences. The survey takes 20-30 minutes to complete and will only be available online from January 14-28. Adults 19 and over may participate.

While all responses are completely anonymous, participants will the opportunity to enter in a draw to win one of three $500 Amazon gift card, just by providing an email address at the end of the survey (you DO NOT have to give this information to complete the survey).

Winners will be drawn at random, and contacted directly via email, up to 72 hours after the survey closes. 


You can contribute by clicking on the following link: https://redcap.link/canpsychsurvey, and if you don’t finish it right away, an ID number will be provided, allowing you to complete it at a later time. This study is for research purposes and has the potential to help shape how we understand and interact with the medicines we call psychedelics for years to come. 

CPS is co-sponsored by MAPS PBC, Psygen, and SABI Mind and benefits from several academic collaborations, including Stephanie Lake/Ziva Cooper (UCLA), Peter Hendricks (University of Alabama), David Yaden (Johns Hopkins), Kevin Boehnke (University of Michigan), Eric Baron (Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Michael Van Ameringen & Beth Patterson (McMaster), Kyle Greenway (McGill) and Sarah Daniels (UBC). The study aims to amplify the voice, experience, and expertise of the psychedelic community in the academic understanding of psychedelics and associated public policy development.

For more information on SABI visit www.sabimind.com

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