TEDxYYC: Adjacent Possible

What if you could go beyond “what you know today” into the far greater “what is possible?”

When you’re looking for motivation, inspiration and new perspectives, TED talks are the go-to. Showcasing such powerful speakers with new ideas, experiences and stories, a TED talk usually leads to more conversation and making change. TED’s goal is to create ideas worth sharing and we’re definitely on board for that.

What if you could go beyond “what you know today” into the far greater “what is possible?” That’s the type of question we’re going to explore at the TEDxYYC event on June 22. For the ninth year in a row, TEDxYYC is hosting a can’t miss event, bringing the very best to their stage. We’ll gather to explore the unlimited opportunity held in the Adjacent Possible, the premise that there is an enormous untapped sphere of ideas that exist just outside what we think we are capable of, sparked one after another like endless ripples in a pond.

Year after year, they bring an impressive list of the world’s brightest minds, representing all that is new and inspiring in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design.

This year, Tim Tamashiro, David Moscrop and Farima Berenji are three notable speakers for TEDxYYC. David is a political theorist and postdoctoral fellow in the Scholarly Communications Lab at Simon Fraser University, where he studies information flows in the digital public sphere and democratic decision making. He is a political theorist bringing democracy into light so you can look forward to his well-informed opinion on all things politics including democratic deliberation, citizenship, social media, communication, and how we make political decisions.

Farima is an award winning, internationally acclaimed performing artist with a lifelong passion for dance and its ability to bring meaning and spirituality to our lives. She is also a deeply talented dance ethnologist and archaeologist, and a rare world expert and scholar of Persian dance history. Farima is the recipient of the prestigious UN/UNA award and is celebrated for her dance ethnology research and globally advocating dance education. She has inspired positive personal and social change.

Tim Tamashiro’s love for music shaped his life, carrying him from childhood music lessons to a successful career as a jazz musician. He has had a notable career, touring across Canada with his music, then hosting a CBC jazz show and evolving to host his own talk show called Handshake on Facebook Live and Youtube. He will dive into what it means to combine passion and purpose and the power in finding your ikigai.

TEDx believes sharing ideas about our future is essential in building a stronger community; and what better way to do that than by attending one of the most exciting, most talked about events in Calgary. Be part of the movement, join us June 22, 2018 at TEDxYYC 2018!

Get your tickets here and use the code TEDxIDN to get 10% off the regular ticket price.


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