The Best Baby Clothes for Play Dates

Baby clothes perfect for play dates

When you become a parent, your life goes from double dates to play dates real quick. One thing you always want is for your baby to be comfortable. 

Each parent has their style and priorities, especially when it comes to finding the best clothing for their baby, so this list has a little something for everyone. 

Petit Lem

Petit Lem is known for the quality of its clothes. Not only do they have a slew of styles to pick from, but they have some great pajamas with double zippers. 

It takes about 48 hours into being a parent to realize that pajamas with buttons suck, especially during those wonderful 3 am feeding. 

Tiny Tycoon 

Tiny Tycoon serves luxury unisex streetwear for your little minions. From T-shirts and pajamas to rompers and sweatsuits, this brand really knocks it out of the park. 

Tiny Tycoon will swag your baby out in the best possible way. 

Nayas Bowtique

I never thought I would be the dad that was excited about bows, but I also never realized how much I would love being a #girldad. 

Nayas Bowtique is a small Canadian brand, all the bows are handmade with love by a mom. They have a ton of colours and patterns to pick from, which is what my wife loved most about them.

Tiny Linens

Tiny Linens is a fairly new player in the kid’s clothes game. The company carries a wide range of brands, all of which are sustainable and eco-conscious which I love. 

They even carry a ton of accessories like a boho-baby swing that apparently our daughter needs, according to my wife. 

Little Mio

These trendy pieces are well priced and each item has that extra oomph that will make your kid stand out during play dates on the playground.

Posh Peanut

Turning your child into a human burrito is a thing. It’s called a swaddle and it helps your baby sleep comfortably (and hopefully longer). Posh Peanut has a ton of wonderful items, but according to my wife, the swaddles are the best. 

They even have matching robes to go with the swaddles which make for a beautiful gift. 

Bouton Jaune 

My wife was all about the clothes and accessories but I took charge of the towel situation. Finding the right towel for your little one might not seem like a big deal but I made it my mission to find the absolute best towel for my firstborn. 

Bouton Jaune might be a little on the pricier side but they are worth it, especially the hooded bath towel for water park play dates – we are huge fans. 

New to the baby game and looking for some products that will make your life just that much easier? Check out our tried and true recommendations!

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