The Perfect Date for YOUR Partner

We’ve created the perfect date tailored to your partner’s perfect night. Whether they're a creator, a musician or a fitness instructor, we've got you covered.
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It’s date night and it’s your turn to plan the evening, but you’re fresh out of ideas on how to entertain your partner. Don’t worry YYC, we’ve got you covered. We know how tough it can be to actually decide what to do with your night off, so we’ve created the perfect date tailored to your partner’s perfect night. Whether they’re a creator, a musician or a fitness instructor, everyone needs a night out so that they can relax, enjoy and, of course, eat.


We all know those crazy die-hard fitness fanatics, running outside in -20 or signing up for the next ultra marathon. Sometimes it seems hard to think up date ideas for people like this – that’s why we’ve designed a healthy and active night for you and your partner.


Now you may think this sounds like an activity for children, but we can promise this indoor playground is more than a giant trampoline park. Yes, there may be a dodgeball court, foam pit and basketball hoops, but don’t be fooled by these easy games. Injanation is home to two obstacle courses designed to get you and your date training for the next XWarrior Race.


This trendy spot focuses on creating healthy meals centered around tender meat and nutritious vegetables delivered with excellent presentation. Located in downtown Calgary just off of 12th Avenue, Ten Foot Henry is a great spot for fancy cocktails and late night food.


Dating a music lover is tough because the amount of music to listen to is endless. No matter how hard you try, there are always new releases, new albums and new artists to check out. We hope these date ideas can curb your partner’s music craving for a little while.


If you haven’t been to Studio Bell yet, this is a must for all music lovers. This beautifully constructed building houses five floors each with a different musical focus. Learn about musical history, try your hand at a new instrument or catch a travelling exhibition – the possibilities are endless at the music epicenter.


Finish off the night with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and a hint of live music at Gravity Espresso Bar. This trendy cafe in Inglewood proudly supports local musicians and hosts live music nights several times a week. Check their website for chosen music nights and who will be performing.


Is your date into natural, ethically sourced products with a love for nature? If so, we’ve created the perfect date for you two. Take your partner on a night filled with nutritious food, local  products and perhaps a new addition to your home.


This garden center located in Inglewood is the perfect date spot for those with a green thumb and a love for potted plants. Take your partner here for new greenery, indoor landscaping materials and locally made handcrafted goods.


This ethical vegetarian restaurant on 17th Ave offers both non-meat and vegan options for those who are looking for a nutritious meal made with passion and care. The Coup prides itself in using the freshest ingredients to create unique dishes for all those vegetarians, vegans and health-nuts out there.


Maybe your partner lives downtown, loves the hustle and bustle of a city or is a born and raised city kid. Regardless of why they love downtown, we’ve created a night complete with classy downtown musts.


The year 2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Calgary Tower being built. Celebrate this milestone with your partner as you gaze out onto the constantly changing city, perhaps even at sunset to increase the romance. Just $18 will get you into this attraction on a regular day, however if you’re feeling energetic, you and your date can walk up the tower for $10 any Tuesday in March between 4-7PM.


Established in 1987, this iconic restaurant is located on the Beltline, close to transit and the downtown buzz. Oysters, lobster, crab, mussels – if your date can name it, they probably have it. Pair your seafood with a nice bottle of red and perhaps a chocolate mousse to finish off the night right.


For all those creative souls out there, we’ve got a special night planned for you. No drab buildings or lazy nights in front of the TV. We want to send you on a night full of art and beauty in our ever-changing city.


With six floors of historic artwork, the Glenbow welcomed over 125,000 visitors last year. The museum prides itself in displaying timeless, original pieces for the city to enjoy, whether long-term or only for a few short months. Take your date here before the end of May to see Frida Kahlo’s famous travelling exhibit among countless other unique pieces.


This Mexican restaurant not only has amazing cocktails and unique tacos, but the décor is spectacular. With beautiful blue walls splattered with paint and trendy wall hangings, Native Tongues is a treat for both the eyes and the mouth.


There you have it – five unique dates for five unique types of people. Knowing your partner and what they like is key in any relationship. We hope that these little tips will help get you some extra brownie points for choosing the perfect date for that special someone.

Kelsey Woods is a Content Writer for Date Night

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