The Perfect Itinerary for Wakefield, Quebec

This image highlights the scenic walk along the river in the small town of Wakefield during the fall season.

Fall is just around the corner and here at Date Night we are super excited to start planning getaways to see the fall foliage! First up on our list of getaways is Wakefield. We have come up with the perfect itinerary for Wakefield, Quebec, which is a small and charming town 25 minutes away from Ottawa. Keep reading in order to see what made our itinerary!


Wakefield may be small in size but it has a ton of restaurant options to keep you satisfied for days! Majority of the restaurants in Wakefield offer views of the peaceful Gatineau River which makes for the perfect backdrop to your dining experience. The following is our list of the top four restaurants and top four desserts stops in town.




Is it just us or is there something about popping into a local shop during a getaway that’s super fun?! We love browsing through goodies from local artisans any time we travel. Make sure to browse the following shops during your Wakefield getaway:

  • Khewa Native Art Boutique – This boutique features gorgeous Indigenous artwork, clothing, accessories, and jewellery. We adore the authentic moccasins in the store.

  • Expéditions Wakefield – This store is perfect if you forgot to pack any outdoor essentials before hitting the road.

  • La Fin De La Ligne – This is a cute little gift shop that features plenty of locally made items.


  • Check out the Wakefield Covered Bridge! Walk through the red bridge and read about its history. The area around the bridge is a nice place to picnic if you can get a rock to sit on. Some people jump into the river from the bridge, but we don’t recommend that for safety reasons. Visitors can also swim around this area but we recommend life jackets as there is a current. 

  • Check out the Fairbairn House Heritage Centre if you are interested in learning more about the history of the Wakefield and Chelsea areas.

  • Walk along the Gatineau River and enjoy the skyline reflected on the water. There are many benches along the way so make sure to stop and soak it all in. 

  • Check out Expeditions Wakefield for all of your rental needs. They offer bikes, kayaks, canoes, or standup paddleboards. 

  • Discover Eco-Odyssee (beaver habitat) while exploring a water maze consisting of 60 intersections spread out over 6 kilometres.


We hope that you found the perfect itinerary for Wakefield, Quebec useful as you plan your next getaway trip near Ottawa.


Happy planning!


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