The Tin Wis Resort in Tofino, BC: Couples Getaway

Here is your guide to getting to Tofino, BC and staying at one of our favourites resorts.
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So you’re finally ready to get back out on the road. Feel the air of traveling again and explore somewhere new. Well let us tell you that Tofino, British Columbia needs to be high on your list. With stunning beaches that you can walk for hours, amazing restaurants for food and happy hour, plus amazing local boutiques to shop at, you are absolutely in for a great adventure. Here is your guide for getting to Tofino and staying at Tin Wis Resort located on Mackenzie Beach.

How to get to Tofino

It is definitely an adventure over to Tofino if you are coming from the mainland. There is a bit of strategy to lining up your ferry to the road closure at Kennedy Lake. The only road in and out of Tofino has been under construction for over a year now and looks to be at least another year or so. The road opens for about an hour mid-day for single lane alternating traffic which changes sometimes depending on construction. There is also no service at the opening so pack snacks and liquids to have a little picnic while you wait for the green light. Find out all road closure updates here.

The closure is just over an hour from Port Alberni so one way we suggest planning your route is to stay in Port Alberni for a night on your way over. This way you can stop at Goats on the roof and explore the breweries in Port Alberni! It is a great way to break up the drive and really turn this adventure into a road trip.

There are also some great trails you can hike throughout the Alberni Valley and you can even take a dip in Sproat Lake. Plus you can’t leave Port Alberni without grabbing a few donuts from The Donut Shop

Here is our day one itinerary:

Getting there

Day one:

  • Catch a ferry in morning and take in the sights along the way. We recommend making a reservation as you don’t want to miss the ferry. (we’ve had that happen)
  • Next stop is Coombs Country Market or what it’s more known as Goats on the Roof. There is so much to do here. Plan for at least an hour or two. 
  • On to Port Alberni and the breweries. Check out Twin City Brewing Company, Dog Mountain Brewing, and Alberni Brewing Company
  • Check out the Alberni Valley Tourism website for great places to stay and get settled in for a cozy night. 

Day Two:

  • Good Morning adventurers. It is time to head on down to the Quay.
  • Grab a coffee from one of the coffee shops and head over to The Donut shop for a sweet treat to start the day.
  • Now that we are caffeinated and on a sugar high, check out one of the amazing trails to take a walk though the forest. You can find an interactive map here.
  • Next up is a dip in Sproat lake. There are tones of trails down to the lake for a dip. We brought our left over pizza from Twin City Brewing to snack on while we played in the water and sun! Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen. 

Now that you are finally on your way to Tofino, just a reminder to check the road closure before leaving Port Alberni. Service throughout the pass is hit and miss. If you want to be one of the first cars through the opening we suggest aiming to be at the gate about an hour before to opens.

You've made it to Tofino!

You’ve made it! 

You are in Tofino and the adventure has just begun. One of our favourite places to stay is the Tin Wis Resort located on Mackenzie Beach. This resort is an unreal location as every room looks right out onto the water and you basically trip out your door onto the beach. They have a variety of rooms depending on what you are looking for and did we mention that they are doggy friendly! That is a huge win in our books. They also have an incredible hot tub over looking the ocean and beach. Call early in the morning to book your time slot as they fill up really fast. We also recommend a sunset slot as it is absolutely dreamy.

Another great perk of their location is that they have fire pits and BBQ’s on the property you can use. Beach day picnic anyone?

You are also about a 15/20 min walk or 5 min drive from the original Tacofino truck, Chocolate Tofino, Wildside Grill, Tofitian, Tofino Bike Co and a few other shops in the same parking lot.

Grab lunch, rent bikes for your stay, and cruise on back to the beach.

A compilation of images of the Best western Tin wis Resort. Left image is of a girl on the beach out front the the property. Middle image is of the totem-pole in the middle of the property. Right image is of the the hot tub overlooking the beach and ocean. It is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

A gorgeous walk into town

Another great part about the Tin Wis Resort location is there is a trail on the right side of Mackenzie beach that leads all the into town. You pass though Middle beach and Toquin beach that both have more epic views of the ocean. The whole walk takes about an hour if you walk strait though but plan for longer so you can stop along the way at different lookouts to take some photos and videos. 

Once you reach the town, you have unlimited options for shopping, great eats, happy hour and planning your surf lesson. 

Cruise though the streets as you will find something great on every corner. We have a great list of our favourite places to check out here. Once you’ve crushed lunch and shopped till you drop. We recommend walking the path next to the road back as it will lead you right past Tofino Brewing Co. Stop in for a flight to quench your thirst as it is about the half way mark between town and the Tin Wis. Plus you can pick up a few beers to enjoy back on your patio while you rest up for your next day. 

We hope you have an incredible time when you go to visit Tofino. It truly is one of our favourite places to visit in BC as we keep going back and always have something new to check out. The staff at the Tin Wis Resort are absolutely amazing and always ready to help you out if you have questions or need more recommendations. This will absolutely be one of your favourite couples retreats and we would love for you to tag @datenightbc or #datenightbc in your adventuress so we can share what you find! 


To book your stay with The Tin Wis Resort check them out at: – @tinwisresort

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