The Trendiest Men’s Haircuts & Hairstyles for Date Night

Got a date lined up? Visit Maverick Studio in the Halifax Shopping Centre to discover some of the trendiest haircuts & hairstyles for 2022.
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Got a date lined up? They say nothing is sexier than confidence…except for good hair. 

Looking sharp and polished gives you that extra confidence boost and a great haircut helps you put your best foot forward when heading out on a date.

Family-owned barbershop, Maverick Studio, is committed to offering the highest quality service from their friendly, educated, passionate, and skilled artisans. With over 65 years in the hair industry, and locations across the GTA, Southern Ontario, and Halifax, you know you can count on them to get you ready for your next date night out.

Here are the some of the trendiest men’s haircuts and hairstyles to try on your next visit to Maverick Studio.

The Effortless

A super popular relaxed look, this haircut is medium length on the sides (think just-grown-out, but still sharp) and long on top. It’s best suited for thick, wavy hair. Perfect if you prefer a classic, yet modern look. 

How to get the look:

  1. Shampoo & condition your hair with quality products free of alcohol to prevent frizz.
  2. Comb your hair back while wet
  3. Blow dry the sides first, pointing the nozzle down to flatten the sides
  4. Move on to dry the top of your hair. Lift sections of the hair upward using a brush and dry from root to tip to get maximum lift.
  5. Once hair is dry, put a small amount of pomade to the hands & work together.  
  6. Apply to sections to create your desired look
A smiling Maverick Studio barber styling a client's hair.

Slicked Back Undercut

This look is probably one of the most requested haircuts & hairstyles for date night! This slick style goes short on the sides, long on the top, and is equal parts sexy and profesh. The Slicked Back Undercut requires at least 3 to 5 inches of hair for best results. 

How To:

  1. Use a generous dollop of pomade in damp hair
  2. Comb front front to back

The French Crop

Minimalists rejoice! The French Crop is a lazy man’s approach to the quiff or pompadour with very little styling required. This style features a tapered fade undercut with shorter hair on top and a blunt, textured bang.

How To: 

  1. Wash your hair or dampen with a spray bottle
  2. Comb hair forward
  3. Use your fingers to brush hair backwards while blow drying for lift
  4. Brush hair forward
  5. Apply pomade to get a piecey look

The Buzz Cut

Oozing in masculinity, the buzz cut is both versatile and classic. Perfect for summer, this all over uber-short look brings out your best facial features. You can skip the styling with the buzz cut, making it a great choice for little prep time. 

How To: 

  1. Pick a barber with a keen attention to detail for best results
  2. Get an all over buzz against the grain at a length that suits your face
  3. Don’t neglect the eyebrow trim 

Be sure to pop by Maverick Studio in the Halifax Shopping Centre for your next date-worthy haircut!

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