The (Unspoken) Girl Code

Love, trust and wine.
The Unspoken Girl Code Date Night

Female friendship can be fierce, unbreakable, a forever-bond. However, it is also delicate and tested far too often. Everyone talks about the bro code, bros before hoes, but no one talks about the girl code. You would think for how much girls talk, this would be a main topic of conversation. It may be assumed by some that this code is already understood by most women, therefore it does not need to be spoken about. If this were the case, I think there would be a lot less girl fights and passive-aggressive text messages. But we are a pack of strong, fearless women who need to band together, so here is our version of The Girl Code.

Your Girl is Always Right

Your friend is in a fight, you take her side. Your friend breaks up with someone, you take her side. Your friend is furious at someone, you take her side. Seems pretty simple right? However, we all have those moments where things get slightly exaggerated or we act irrationally just once in a while. These are the times that true friends need to step up and not aimlessly agree with our wild accusations. You don’t need to argue against her, but reason with her gently, understanding where she is coming from and try to get the full details. A true friend always takes your side, when your side is right.

But First, Listen

If you don’t know her latest relationship drama, are you really even friends? We all know that men can take up a LOT of our time. Deciphering text messages and analyzing photos posted from last night always need a second opinion. The key to a strong female friend is sharing your problems while equally listening to her problems. No one likes a friend who can only talk about herself.

Sharing is Caring

If she lets you borrow clothes, purses, shoes, heck even her bra, you’re in. This is a girl’s sincerest form of kindness, allowing you into her world and trusting you with her most prized possessions. This also means that having close girlfriends can double, triple, even quadruple your wardrobe – bonus!

Wine & Cheese

If we could live off of it, we would. Whether she’s having a bad day, got a promotion, wants to gossip about boys or just needs a night to relax, wanna know the perfect answer? “Let’s have a wine and cheese night!” True friends know that wine is often a staple when it comes to close friendships. Tears, laughter and dark secrets are shared around this bottle and bonds are formed forever.

Ex’s Are Off Limits

You’ve been with her to laugh and cry, smile and scowl, love and hate over this guy. You know more about him than his mother and his best friends combined, simply through the power of observation and close listening. There is then the obvious statement that, yes, ex-boyfriends are off limits. With 7 billion people in the world, I am without a doubt that there is another who will suit your fancy.

Return Her Stuff, Eventually

As your friendship grows, so will the size of items that you borrow from each other. It will start with a shirt or a necklace and eventually, you’ll be driving her car or borrowing her GoPro. There is an unspoken trust between you, that you will treat her things as your own, and of course replace it if anything happens to it. But neither of you will mind sharing with each other because that’s what good friends do.

Never Shy Away from a Compliment

Now we are all fierce, strong, independent women but a good compliment can go a long way. Why not tell your friend how important she is to you or better yet, compliment a stranger on that shirt you really like or ask her where she got her shoes. A true friend builds you up for who you truly are and does not compare you to herself or others.


Empower, Encourage and Motivate Her

The Girl Code consists of encouraging words, listening well and kindness always but it is built on a strong foundation of trust and love for one another. You must respect, affirm, and empower each other as we take on this crazy world full of hurdles and daily challenges. This girl may be a friend for a year, a decade, or for a lifetime, you won’t know until the time comes. But while she’s there, treat her like the bad-ass queen that she is.

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