The list of the best countries to hit up if you just want to munch all day long.

Do you go to sleep at night already dreaming of breakfast the following morning? Are you the friend in your group who is always trying to book in a dinner at the cool new restaurant? Do you just love eating? Us too. That’s why we’ve pulled together the best countries (and best Contiki tours) to hit up if you just want to munch all day long.


There’s a rumour that there is no bad food in Mexico, and we challenge you to put that to the test. From sun up to sun down in Mexico, you will see locals munching on piping hot empanadas and flautas, with endless opportunities for chowing down on chips with salsa and guacamole (they don’t charge extra for it either). What goes with all the fierce flavours though? Tequila, obvs. Take your agave knowledge to the next level by visiting a tequila farm in Tequila (yep, it’s an actual place) for a true Mexican food tour.


Italian culture is all about family and food. An funnily enough, the rest of the world is all about their food aswell (so it must be good). Those rich tomato sauces, crisp pizzas dripping in perfectly melted cheese and the perfect espresso… sorry, where were we? Oh yeah, Italy is a food lovers dream! They’re ready with a risotto at all hours and make every dish with an unrivalled passion that you can’t miss as you eat your way through the country.


It is the home of tapas after all, so trust us when we say Spaniards know how to eat. Favouring long meals stretching into the night with many different dishes to sample, dining is a social and sometimes hedonistic occasion in Spain. If you love charcuterie meats, cheeses as big as your fist and churros, you will be in HEAVEN. Pro tip: check out La Boqueria in Barcelona, one of the greatest food markets in the world.


When you think big eating, you think America, so this is a bit of a no-brainer, BUT the land of the free deserves a mention for more than just their massive dishes. Southern food like clam chowder and jambalaya are home grown Creole favourites that take seafood to new heights. Then there’s the delicious key lime pie, and you haven’t lived until you’ve had a proper Texan BBQ (even Aussie’s will be impressed). That’s not to say while there you shouldn’t indulge in a cookie the size of your face or a triple stacked cheeseburger, America does those great too, of course.


Greeks know food is the way to someone’s heart, and boy do they make their food with heart…and garlic… and olive oil… and feta. You can’t swing a gyros in Greece without hitting somewhere to eat and we don’t think that’s a mistake. There’s a reason scientists recommend a Mediterranean diet and we’re more than happy to embrace their lifestyle if it means an afternoon spanakoptika and grilled lamb overlooking the deep blue seas of Santorini.


From the quirky to the traditional, Japan covers every single base when it comes to food. They take their eating seriously and not to excess, and it shows in dishes like sashimi, where quality is important and freshness is everything. Besides the sushi side of things though, Japan has thousands of street food pop-ups offering colourful desserts that are oh-so-Instagram worthy. Just don’t make the mistake of eating on the go. In Japanese culture food is to be savoured and appreciated, so it’s considered rude to be scoffing a dozen tempura prawns on the street.

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